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Dangerous Polish Criminal Captured in Marbella: Exclusive Details Inside!

April 26, 2024
Dangerous Polish Criminal Captured in Marbella: Exclusive Details Inside! - mini1 1713870928 - Local Events and Festivities -

Arrest of One of Poland’s Most Dangerous Fugitives in Marbella

National Police officers in Marbella have arrested one of Poland’s most dangerous fugitives. The individual is allegedly involved in illicit drug trafficking, arms and explosives trafficking, and membership in a criminal organization. These charges could lead to a prison sentence of over 50 years.

Fugitive Used False Identity to Evade Authorities

The arrested individual had obtained a false identity to evade police authorities and used strong security measures to avoid being located. The investigation began late last year when the Polish police liaison informed the officers about the Polish judicial authorities’ claim against the now-arrested individual. This information initiated efforts to locate and arrest him.

One of Poland’s Most Wanted and Dangerous Fugitives

Information received by the Fugitive Location Section officers indicated that the individual was one of Poland’s most sought-after and dangerous fugitives. He was allegedly involved in illicit drug trafficking and illicit arms and explosives trafficking. In Poland, an assault rifle and a smoothbore rifle, known as a “bomb,” were seized from him.

Physical Appearance Altered to Avoid Detection

Due to the fugitive’s dangerousness and significance, investigators conducted investigations to locate him. There was information that he had altered his physical characteristics, even removing tattoos from his skin. He used security and self-protection measures, constantly changing his residence, vehicles, and even city to avoid identification.

New Life Under False Identity in Marbella

After months of investigation, officers found that the wanted individual had started a new life in Marbella under a fraudulently obtained false identity. They located his residence and established a surveillance device on the fugitive, leading to his arrest in public when he was about to carry out tasks outside his home.

Operation Supported by European Union Funding

National Police officers carried out this operation with funding instruments from the European Union. This strategy focuses on four key points: establishing a future-ready security environment, combating emerging threats, protecting European citizens from terrorism and organized crime, and building a robust European security ecosystem.

Efforts to Dismantle Criminal Networks

To achieve these objectives, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), along with EU agencies and specific EU funds such as the Internal Security Funds (ISF), support member states in combating criminal threats through coordinated operations aimed at dismantling criminal networks and their business models. Interventions carried out under this scheme have been co-financed by the European Union as part of the support to member states to combat criminal networks posing the most significant threats to the security of EU citizens and the Union as a whole.

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