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“Marbella’s Mayor Pleads for National Police Intervention in Battle Against Rampant Gun Crime: A Call for Unity with

April 17, 2024
Marbella mayor calls on National Police to make stamping out gun crime a priority and work more closely with local officers

Marbella on High Alert Following Recent Shootings

Marbella, a town known for its tranquility, has been thrown into a state of unease following a series of recent shootings. Mayor Ángeles Muñoz has called on the National Police to prioritize the town’s security in response to the escalating violence. In addition, she has requested a meeting with the government’s sub-delegation to discuss local security measures, scheduled for 25 April.

Mayor Calls for Increased Security Measures

Mayor Muñoz has emphasized the need for Marbella to be a priority for the National Police and the sub-delegation. She hopes that the upcoming meeting will address critical issues that will impact the town’s security not just in the short term, but also in the medium and long term. She has assured that the town council is ready to provide all necessary personnel to support the sub-delegation’s efforts. Furthermore, she has requested that the Local Police be given access to information currently only available to the National Police, to enhance operational efficiency.

Crime Rate Drops Despite Recent Shootings

Despite the six shootings that have occurred in the past two months, the mayor pointed out that crime in Marbella has actually decreased. According to the latest crime figures for Spain in the third quarter of 2023, there has been a 7.4% drop in crime. When asked about the potential impact of these incidents on Marbella’s reputation, Muñoz expressed hope that the town’s image would not be affected and that the issues would be resolved soon.

‘Plan Marbella’ Launched to Combat Rising Crime

In response to the recent surge in shootings, the National Police force has initiated ‘Plan Marbella’. This crackdown involves officers from various stations throughout eastern Andalucía, police dogs, and aerial resources being assigned to Marbella for extra patrols and reinforcement. The plan, which will see an increased police presence on the town’s streets, will be in effect until October.

Six Shootings in Marbella This Year

The most recent shooting, which occurred last weekend, was the sixth this year in Marbella and the second in April. A 34-year-old Albanian man was shot multiple times in the Guadalmina shopping centre and was rushed to the town’s Costa del Sol hospital in serious condition. Prior to this, Marbella had witnessed five other shootings in the past two months, resulting in three injuries and damage to a business. The previous incident occurred on 2 April, when gunfire in the Los Naranjos residential development in Nueva Andalucía startled residents.

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