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Dramatic Court Showdown Looms for Duo Accused of Shocking Marbella Centre Shooting!

May 7, 2024
Two alleged hitmen to go on trial for the shooting of a man in Marbella town centre

Alleged Hitmen to Face Trial in Malaga for 2020 Murder

Two suspected hitmen are set to stand trial in Malaga later this month, accused of the 2020 murder of a man on a Marbella street. The victim, initially identified as 40-year-old Bosnian national Slavisa Z., was later revealed to be Milos P., a Montenegro native. He was gunned down in broad daylight near his home. The public prosecutor’s office alleges that the two hitmen were hired to kill him for a financial reward.

Details of the Murder

According to the indictment from the public prosecutor’s office, the two suspects rode a Suzuki Burgman motorbike to Milos’ residence with the alleged intent to kill him. They concealed their identities with caps and masks. The victim was ambushed approximately fifty minutes after leaving his home. One of the suspects allegedly shot Milos with a submachine gun, a weapon of war, as he was crossing a pedestrian crossing. The victim was shot twelve times, leading to his immediate death. The suspects then fled the scene on the same motorbike.

Investigation and Charges

The suspects allegedly used a Grand Power gun equipped with an automatic firing device, which had been modified into an automatic firearm. This is considered a prohibited weapon of war under weapons regulations. During the investigation, a house search was authorized, which was allegedly used by the suspects before and after the murder. The prosecution is seeking 35 years in prison for the suspects for murder and possession of weapons of war.

Additional Charges and False Documentation

In the searched house, numerous fake documents were found, featuring the image of one of the suspects under a different name. This suspect is also facing charges of false documentation, which could result in an additional three years in prison and a fine of 18,000 euros.

Unraveling the Mystery

The investigation was initially complicated by the victim’s false documentation. Milos, who had previously been convicted under his false identity for drug trafficking in Spain, had arrived in the country in 2013 as Slavisa Z. The case was handled by a special group of the National Police dedicated to solving gang crime on the Costa del Sol.

Links to Balkan Gangs

Once Milos’ true identity was established, it was discovered that his murder was part of an ongoing feud between Balkan gangs. Milos was allegedly a member of one of these groups. The alleged hitmen were identified and located in Catalonia with the help of police in Barcelona and Gerona, and were arrested a month after the murder.

Upcoming Trial

The two alleged murderers are due to appear in court later this month. However, sources from the High Court of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA) suggest that an out-of-court agreement, involving a guilty plea from the accused, may be possible.

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