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City Council Highlights the Phenomenal Success of Marpoetica’s Ninth Edition!

May 2, 2024
City Council Highlights the Phenomenal Success of Marpoetica's Ninth Edition! - mini1 1714418945 - Local Events and Festivities -

Miguel Poveda Opens Ninth Edition of Marpoética Festival in Marbella

The singer Miguel Poveda inaugurated the ninth edition of the Marpoética Festival in Marbella. Carmen Díaz, the General Director of Culture of the Marbella City Council, has reviewed the IX Marpoética Festival, which concluded its 2024 edition last week after two weeks of intense activities. She emphasized that the festival is not stagnant, but is progressing and very much alive.

Record Budget for the Festival

This edition has been the most expensive with a budget of 120,000 euros. The municipal official explained that the event was a success in terms of participation and audience satisfaction, which encourages them to move forward and prepare for the tenth anniversary of the festival to be celebrated next year.

Marpoética Festival Doubles its Budget

The event, directed by writer Javier Vicedo and bringing poetry to various parts of the city, had a budget of 120,000 euros for this edition. As reported by Marbella24horas, this amount doubles the one allocated in 2021, which was 60,000 euros.

Unforgettable Moments at the Festival

Carmen Díaz recalled that the festival had unforgettable moments such as the inauguration, with Miguel Poveda singing to his favorite poets, or the closing, with a lucid Antonio Gamoneda who left a legacy and testimony that deeply permeated the audience.

Participation of Renowned Authors and Musicians

The festival also featured authors such as Joaquín Pérez Azaústre and Ole Oseguera and musicians like Santiago Auserón. She also highlighted the large number of Latin American writers who participated, which expands the programming to other voices that speak in Spanish and contribute great expressive richness.

International Character of the Festival

In this regard, she emphasized the international character of the festival, which also extends to the Marpoética poetry contest, whose second edition will be decided shortly and which extends the cycle beyond its usual dates.

Significant Participation of Schools and Institutes

Another point that the general director wanted to highlight is the great participation of schools and institutes, a priority since educational work is essential in this project from its beginnings. In this line, Díaz stressed the importance of the young poetry program Palabra del Mar, which brings the work of the youngest authors to high school students, and the important collaboration that has begun with the Antonio Gala Foundation, which does so much for young artists.

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