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Breaking News: IU Claims Muñoz Slaps El Arquillo with Exorbitant Fines!

March 22, 2024
Breaking News: IU Claims Muñoz Slaps El Arquillo with Exorbitant Fines! - mini1 1708641462 - Local Events and Festivities -

IU Calls for Parking Solutions in El Arquillo de San Pedro Alcántara

The Local Coordinator of the United Left, Victoria Morales, has criticized the ruling party in San Pedro Alcántara for once again penalizing the residents of the Arquillo area with massive parking fines without addressing the endemic parking problem in the area.

Residents Faced with Recurring Parking Fines

Morales reports that residents around the CEIP Al Ándalus and the San Pedro Primary Care Center are once again finding their vehicles littered with parking fines. She added that this is a recurring issue that serves as a punitive measure due to the chronic lack of parking, which is not being addressed.

Residential Area with High Working Population

The area in question is a residential zone with a large working population that has been growing without the possibility of obtaining new parking areas. Morales recalls that a parking lot that provided around 80 parking spaces was removed for the construction of the new primary care center in San Pedro, without seeking a solution to this significant reduction in parking spaces in the area.

Proposed Solutions for the Parking Problem

The United Left of Marbella San Pedro proposed that the new primary care center, which has a parking lot with about 70 spaces, be made available to residents at least during the night to alleviate part of the problem.

Call for a Working Table with Local Residents

The local coordinator of IU emphasizes the need for a working table with the residents of the area to gather ideas, as well as with the educational centers affected by the congestion area to work on medium and long-term solutions.

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