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Breaking: Marbella’s El Calvario Cancels Its Iconic Holy Thursday Procession!

March 28, 2024
Breaking: Marbella's El Calvario Cancels Its Iconic Holy Thursday Procession! - mini1 1711584499 - Local Events and Festivities -

Christ of Exaltation Procession Cancelled in Marbella on Holy Thursday

The Christ of Exaltation will not be parading this Holy Thursday in Marbella. The Brotherhood of Calvary in Marbella made this tough decision a day before the event. On Wednesday, they announced the cancellation of the processional parade scheduled for Holy Thursday.

Inclement Weather Forces Cancellation

The relentless rain and wind have affected the tents set up next to the hermitage for the preparation of the thrones. The atmospheric instability, now with the passage of the storm Nelson, shows no mercy to the Holy Week in Marbella, which is being experienced under constant rain.

One of Two Processions Cancelled on Holy Thursday

This Wednesday, the cancellation of one of the two processions planned for Holy Thursday, one of the most important days of this religious celebration, was announced. The Brotherhood of the Christ of Exaltation, Most Holy Mary of Calvary, and Saint John the Evangelist have decided not to proceed. On Holy Tuesday, due to the wind, they had problems with the tents set up next to the hermitage for the assembly of the thrones.

Calvary Chapel Open for Visitors

Finally, on Wednesday, they decided to cancel the parade, which was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm, half an hour earlier than previous years. From 5:00 pm, the Calvary Chapel will be open for visitors to see the Titulars, displayed on a veneration altar.

Countdown to Next Holy Thursday Begins

Half an hour later, the prayer will take place, “counting the days until the next Holy Thursday,” according to the brotherhood’s statement. “This painful decision is motivated by the obligation of this Board to take care of the sculptural, spiritual, and human heritage of our brotherhood,” they added.

Only Two Processions Proceeded Normally

Out of six processions, only two have been able to proceed normally: the Bitterness, on Passion Saturday, and the Column, on Holy Monday.

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