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Beltran Stresses: The Game Must Begin with Fans’ Reception, It’s Crucial

May 19, 2024
Beltran Stresses: The Game Must Begin with Fans' Reception, It's Crucial - mini1 1715948127 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC Faces Crucial Match Against Getafe B

Marbella FC is preparing for one of the most significant matches in its history this Sunday. The team will host Getafe B at La Dama de Noche in the second leg of the first playoff round for promotion to 1st RFEF. Marbella FC’s coach, Fran Beltrán, emphasized the importance of fan support, stating that the match should start with the fans’ welcome.

Expectations for a Packed Stadium

Beltrán is confident that La Dama de Noche will be packed for the match. The venue will be the stage for the second playoff match between Marbella FC and Getafe B, with a spot in the playoff finals for promotion to 1st RFEF at stake. The match will kick off at 6:00 PM, but fans are expected to arrive by 4:00 PM.

Beltrán on Fan Support and Team’s Readiness

Beltrán reiterated the importance of fan support, stating that the team has felt the fans’ energy throughout the week and is convinced they will have the crowd on their side. He also acknowledged the advantage of playing at home in this return match and expressed his confidence in a full house at La Dama.

Beltrán’s Confidence in Team’s Performance

Beltrán highlighted the positive vibes received during the week and the importance of everyone supporting Marbella. With the entire squad available, it goes without saying that the team is highly motivated. Beltrán added that they are a competitive team with the capacity to advance.

Match Duration and Potential Outcomes

Marbella will have 90 or 120 minutes to secure a win, as the match will go into extra time in case of a draw. If the score remains tied after 120 minutes, Marbella’s superior league ranking will allow them to advance in the playoffs.

Beltrán’s Views on the Opponent and Previous Match

Regarding the opponent, Beltrán believes that some Getafe B players being called up to the first team during the week should not affect the match. Instead, it speaks to the quality of the squad they are facing. He acknowledged that both teams had their moments in the first leg, but when Marbella was superior, they had more and better opportunities.

Beltrán’s Expectations for the Upcoming Match

Beltrán did not reveal much about his plans for Sunday’s match, but he believes that the dynamics of the match will not differ significantly from the first leg. He concluded by saying that both teams had their moments and respected each other, and they are two teams with similar ideas.

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