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Unveiling the Scandal: Swedish Money Laundering Saga Shakes Up Mallorca’s Luxury Property Market!

December 31, 2023
Unveiling the Scandal: Swedish Money Laundering Saga Shakes Up Mallorca's Luxury Property Market! - munoz y broberg and son - Marbella News Crime -

Money Laundering Allegations Linked to Properties in Palma

Properties in Palma have been implicated in money laundering allegations that have embroiled the husband and stepson of Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz. Joakim Peter Broberg, 41, is facing charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and involvement in organised crime. The revelations have sent shockwaves through Spain, as a scheme was uncovered where Lars Gunnar Sune Broberg, Muñoz’s husband, and his son Joakim were allegedly part of a network smuggling drugs from Spain to Sweden.

Drug Smuggling Operation Uncovered

The narcotics were reportedly dispatched through parcels, some disguised as vacuum cleaners, with each package containing 15kg of drugs. According to an indictment from the National Court of Spain, Joakim Broberg was also connected to six money laundering rings, three of which were jointly operated with his father.

Real Estate Operations Linked to Money Laundering

Court records have detailed a series of real estate transactions in Palma allegedly linked to a money laundering operation funded by the proceeds from the narcotics sales in Sweden. Six properties were affected, purchased through a company, Cicak Invest SL, in 2015. The allegations have shaken the Broberg family, with the court estimating the laundered amount to be over €47 million.

Extradition and Arrests

Broberg, 41, had been incarcerated in Brazil since April, awaiting a court decision on extradition. Just before Christmas, he was returned to Spain, escorted by Spanish police. Joakim and Lars are among 71 individuals so far arrested in a police operation spanning both Spain and Sweden.

Violence and Weapons Seizure

Swedish police allege that up to 50 deaths per year could be associated with a settling of scores between the gang and other Scandinavian rivals. During an initial raid in 2018, they discovered an alarming assortment of weapons, including two submachine guns, eight handguns, a rifle, and a hand grenade.

Company Raid and Seizures

A subsequent raid of the Broberg’s Wasa Consulting company resulted in the arrests of six individuals and the confiscation of documents, which police are still examining. The same Marbella office, in Nueva Andalucia, also contained documents for a series of companies, believed to be 17 in total, owned by Joakim.

Denial of Criminal Activity

Lars and Joakim have refuted any criminal activity. The ‘front’ company, which also had a base in Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca, had over €1.8 million frozen in bank accounts, while €592,000 in cash was also seized. A total of 50 vehicles were seized along with properties worth over €14 million.

Related News

In related news, Joakim Broberg, stepson of Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz, has been extradited to Spain over charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and organised crime. The Marbella mayor has threatened the press with legal action in the wake of charges against her husband and stepson.

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