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Beltrán Reveals: Yeclano and Marbella are the Surprise Teams of the Season!

April 25, 2024
Beltrán Reveals: Yeclano and Marbella are the Surprise Teams of the Season! - mini1 1713540575 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC’s Coach Fran Beltrán Prepares for Yeclano Deportivo Match

Marbella FC’s coach, Fran Beltrán, is preparing his team for a crucial match against Yeclano Deportivo this Sunday at 6:00 PM. Depending on the results of this round, Marbella FC could secure a spot in the promotion playoffs if they manage to defeat Yeclano Deportivo, a team that, along with Marbella, has been the surprise of the season.

Marbella FC’s Playoff Aspirations

As the season draws to a close, Marbella FC has three games left to secure their place in the promotion playoffs to 1st RFEF. Their next opponent, Yeclano Deportivo, has been performing well this season. So much so, that Beltrán has praised them in a press conference, stating that Yeclano, along with Marbella, are the surprise teams of the season.

Beltrán’s Analysis of Yeclano Deportivo

Beltrán has noted Yeclano’s defined style, not just their intensity in duels. He praised their talent, versatility, ability to dominate the area, and their strength. He is confident that Yeclano will be eager to bounce back after two consecutive losses.

Marbella FC’s Confidence Despite Recent Away Losses

Despite Marbella FC’s recent struggles in away games, Beltrán remains confident in his team’s ability to win. He believes that both Marbella and Yeclano are top teams because of their excellent performance and internal competitiveness, which is key to the team’s performance.

Beltrán’s Praise for Marbella FC’s Players

Beltrán has praised his players, particularly Gato, who performed well against the league leader despite not having played for a long time. He believes that the upcoming match has a Premier League feel to it, with a passionate crowd and formidable opposition.

Marbella FC’s Squad Changes for the Upcoming Match

For the upcoming match, Marbella FC will be without Marco Tulio and Aitor Puñal due to suspension. However, Beltrán is confident in his team’s depth and versatility. Óscar González is also doubtful for the match.

Beltrán’s Thoughts on Marbella FC’s Copa del Rey Qualification

Beltrán has also praised his team’s qualification for the Copa del Rey, stating that it is important for the club’s growth. While the team’s main objective is different, he believes that everyone will be delighted to see a professional football team come to Marbella next season.

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