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Beltran Declares: Those Unable to Resist Must Pass the Torch – Find Out Who’s Next!

April 15, 2024
Beltran Declares: Those Unable to Resist Must Pass the Torch - Find Out Who's Next! - mini1 1712932378 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC Coach Fran Beltrán Speaks Ahead of Crucial Match Against Sevilla Atlético

Marbella FC’s coach, Fran Beltrán, addressed the media on Friday, discussing the upcoming Sunday match against Sevilla Atlético. This game is crucial for the team’s interests and will demand the utmost from his players. Beltrán warned that any player who lacks the stamina will have to step aside for those who can give their all on the field.

Marbella FC Faces One of the Season’s Biggest Matches

This Sunday, Marbella FC will face Sevilla Atlético in one of the season’s most significant matches. The home team will be playing against the Group IV leader and needs a win to make a significant stride towards the playoff goal.

Beltrán Stresses the Importance of Team’s Reaction After Last Defeat

Beltrán emphasized the importance of the team bouncing back after the harsh defeat in the last round, which left the team “hurt and wounded” due to a series of mistakes that should not have been made. He stated that the team is aware of their errors and that there are four matches left.

Marbella FC’s Playoff Dreams

The coach expressed that the team has earned the hope and opportunity to work towards being in the playoffs at the end of the season. He stressed the need for the team to keep their minds fresh and focused on the upcoming challenges.

Beltrán Highlights Team’s Achievements This Season

Despite the setback in the last round, Beltrán highlighted the team’s achievements this season, stating that in the coming months, they will greatly value their qualification for the Copa del Rey.

Playing Against a High-Level Team

Regarding the opponent, Beltrán said that playing against a team of such caliber is a highly motivating challenge for everyone, and he believes that everyone is eager for the match to arrive.

Team’s Struggles Against Top Zone Rivals

One of the team’s challenges this season has been playing against top zone rivals, where they haven’t scored many points. However, Beltrán emphasized that the team’s fate is in their own hands, and they need to be humble in respecting the opponent and not be afraid.

Return of Key Players to the Team

This round will see the return of Jorge Álvarez to the starting team, as confirmed by the coach. Additionally, Soto, Harper, Marco, and Carlos León are physically recovering, meaning that almost the entire squad is available.

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