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Beltrán Declares: Fans Must Be Excited as We Have an Opportunity!

May 13, 2024
Beltrán Declares: Fans Must Be Excited as We Have an Opportunity! - mini1 1715557893 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC Coach, Fran Beltrán, Expresses Satisfaction After Draw with Getafe B

Marbella FC’s coach, Fran Beltrán, expressed his satisfaction following a goalless draw on Getafe B’s field. Beltrán believes this result gives his team a slight advantage for the return match. He encouraged the fans to stay hopeful, emphasizing that they have a chance to advance past the first round for promotion to the First Federation.

Beltrán’s Analysis of the Match in Madrid

Beltrán was clear in his analysis of the match in the Madrid locality. He summarized that his team performed better in the first half than in the second. He admitted that they failed to maintain the fluidity of the first half, which he thought was very good. He observed that both teams had very clear ideas and that in the first half, the game was more in favor of Marbella FC.

Beltrán on the Team’s Performance and Opportunities

During the first half of the match, Beltrán stated that they had four clear chances, three from Dago and one from Ernest Ohemeng, where they could have taken the lead. In the second half, he acknowledged that Getafe also performed well and took a step forward, but added that there were fewer opportunities for both teams. He insisted on the good performance of his team, stating, “We played very well, on a surface (artificial grass) to which we are not adapted.”

Beltrán on Substitutions and the Team’s Performance

Regarding substitutions, Beltrán explained that they were more due to the need for freshness, as the starting eleven were performing well. After the goalless draw, he believes the tie is open between two good teams, and anyone can win.

Beltrán’s Confidence in the Upcoming Match

Beltrán expressed his confidence in the upcoming match, stating, “I am convinced that the atmosphere will be even better next Sunday and that the white tide will be an extra player, we will be 12 against 11.” He reiterated that the fans should be excited, as they clearly have an opportunity. This goalless draw gives them a slight advantage, and they all need to push to materialize it, as it won’t be easy.

Beltrán Denies Benefiting from Referee Decisions

When asked from Getafe if he felt benefited by the referee’s decisions, Beltrán firmly responded, “No, of course not.” The local club had claimed a goal that was disallowed in the 69th minute for a foul on Lejárraga.

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