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“Beach Volleyball Unaffected: Costas Confirms Cable Beach Works Pose No Threat!”

May 18, 2024
"Beach Volleyball Unaffected: Costas Confirms Cable Beach Works Pose No Threat!" - mini1 1715855751 - Local Events and Festivities -

Coastal Authority Denies Impact on Volleyball Practice at Cable Beach

The area where volleyball is practiced at Cable Beach in Marbella has been a topic of controversy. The Coastal Authority has denied claims that the “specific works” to be carried out at Cable Beach will affect volleyball practice. This refutes the statements made by the Sports Councilor, Lisandro Vieytes, who had informed players and their families that this was the reason they had to move to the El Pinillo facilities.

Responsibility Shifts to Marbella City Council

The controversy over volleyball practice at Cable Beach took a new turn on Thursday, placing the responsibility squarely on the Marbella City Council. The councilor had been blaming the Coastal Authority for the inability to practice the sport at its usual location. However, the Government Sub-delegation clarified that the works to be carried out will not prevent volleyball from being played.

Coastal Authority’s Clarification on the Works

Specifically, the Coastal Authority stated that it will carry out “specific works on the beach that will last approximately 5 days”. These are maintenance tasks of the coastline that are common in this and other coastal areas and have been carried out for many years. They categorically denied that the Coastal Authority had demanded the Marbella City Council to move the sports practice to another location due to these works.

Sports Practice Compatible with the Works

The Coastal Authority added that “sports practice is compatible with the workers”, and the works will not extend beyond five days. During these days, there may be entry and exit of heavy vehicles, which must be respected during this short period of time.

Rejection from Players and Families

Sports Councilor, Lisandro Vieytes, wanted to move beach volleyball practice to the new El Pinillo facilities, but faced rejection from players and their families. To deflect blame, he had told them that the Coastal Authority was responsible for the change and that he had only provided another location. With these clarifications from the Government Sub-delegation, it is clear that volleyball can continue to be played at Cable Beach and it will only be the responsibility of the City Council if it cannot be done.

Signature Collection by Affected Families

In response to this controversy, the affected families have started a signature collection through “” which has already garnered nearly 1,400 supports.

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