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Atletico Marbella Paraiso Settles for Second Place After Stunning Fall in Cartama: A Thrilling

May 3, 2024
Atletico Marbella Paraiso Settles for Second Place After Stunning Fall in Cartama: A Thrilling - mini1 1714476693 - Local Events and Festivities -

Atlético Marbella Paraíso Suffers Defeat in Cártama

Atlético Marbella Paraíso faced a defeat in their recent visit to Cártama, settling for the second place as they prepare for the upcoming playoff. The home team took the lead in the first half, with Saber equalizing the score at the beginning of the second half. However, Cártama secured a 2-1 victory in the final stretch of the match.

Playoff Preview Match

The second and third-ranked teams faced off in a mock playoff match, which will be repeated in two weeks, but with more at stake than the usual three points. The match started with the home team showing more intensity, complicating the game for the visiting team.

First Half Highlights

Cártama had two clear goal opportunities that were thwarted by Nono, the goalkeeper of Atlético Marbella Paraíso. However, José from Cártama managed to score the first goal in the 18th minute of the game. Atlético Marbella Paraíso tried to retaliate but struggled in the opponent’s field.

Second Half Turnaround

At the start of the second half, Chechu Rodríguez made some changes to the team, seeking a reaction from his players. The changes worked, and the visitors outperformed their rival. Saber managed to equalize the score in the 66th minute, bringing the score to 1-1.

Final Stretch of the Match

Despite the visitors showing superiority in the second half and creating goal opportunities, Cártama took advantage of a header from Fran to Nono, which was intercepted by Manu from Cártama to score the final goal, leading to a 2-1 victory. This marked the first defeat for Xexu Rodríguez in his second stint as the coach of Atlético Marbella Paraíso.

Upcoming Matches

Following this match, the playoff fixtures have been set, and Atlético Marbella Paraíso will face CD Cártama again in 15 days for the first round of the category promotion at the same venue. In the next match, the last of the regular competition before the playoff, Atlético Marbella Paraíso will host CD La Cala on Saturday, May 4th at 18:00 hours at Arroyo Primero.

Match Details

CD Cártama team included Manu, Nico, Ruiz, José, Manu, Mario, Javi, Moto, Patalete, Andreu, and Pablo, with Alejo, Luque, Francis, Fran, Ricardo, Koke, and Jeremy as substitutes. Atlético Marbella Paraíso team included Nono, Lolo, Fallou, Saber, Sergio Martín, Brayan, Tabi, Aaron, Zoilo, Jeremy, and Marcelo Vidal, with David Valle, Fran, Cham, Vergara, Juli, Tato, and Jorge Díaz as substitutes. The referee was Leiva Ángeles. The match took place at the Municipal Joaquín Martín Díaz de Cártama.

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