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“Unveiling Marbella’s Stunning New Sanctuary for Endangered Animals!”

March 22, 2024
"Unveiling Marbella's Stunning New Sanctuary for Endangered Animals!" - animalprotectionfacilities MARBELLA k3I U2101730891335vRH - Animal welfare -

New Animal Shelter Opens in Marbella

Marbella’s new animal shelter is now operational, providing a safe haven for abandoned cats and dogs. The facility boasts individual spaces, recreational areas, and a fully-equipped veterinary centre, ensuring the welfare of the animals.

Mayor Visits the New Facility

Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, toured the new facility on Monday. The shelter, constructed by the town hall, spans 2,000 square metres and meets the highest quality standards. It is also compliant with the latest animal welfare legislation.

Collaboration with Triple A Animal Association

The mayor, joined by Bettina Pietsch, the president of the Triple A animal association, praised the council’s efforts in providing the town with suitable facilities. She detailed the previous construction of a water supply and sanitation system and the establishment of a temporary centre to allow the association to continue its work during the construction.

Designed with Expert Assistance

Muñoz stated that the shelter was designed with the help of Triple A and specialists from the municipal health department. She emphasized Marbella’s reputation as an animal-friendly town and the need for facilities that reflect this commitment.

Shelter Capacity and Services

The shelter can accommodate up to 600 animals, with separate spaces for large and small dogs, potentially dangerous breeds, and those in quarantine. The mayor noted that Triple A not only provides a welcoming service for animals but also employs a vet who can treat pets in the two operating rooms.

Full Operation from 11 March

The president of the association announced that the new animal protection facilities will be fully operational from Monday 11 March, following the transfer of dogs currently housed in their temporary centre. Pietsch expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the project.

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