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“Marbella Town Hall Unveils Spectacular Safe Haven for 600 Abandoned Animals!”

March 22, 2024
"Marbella Town Hall Unveils Spectacular Safe Haven for 600 Abandoned Animals!" - 188981409 562x393 1 - Animal welfare -

New Animal Shelter Opens in Marbella

Marbella’s latest addition, a new animal shelter, has officially opened its doors. The facility is equipped to ensure the welfare of up to 600 abandoned cats and dogs. The shelter includes individual spaces for each animal, recreational areas, and a fully equipped veterinary centre complete with operating rooms.

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz Tours the Facility

The Marbella town hall, responsible for the construction of the shelter, was represented by Mayor Ángeles Muñoz during a visit to the facility. Accompanying her was Bettina Pietsch, the president of the Triple A animal association. Muñoz expressed her satisfaction with the shelter, stating that it meets the highest quality standards and complies with the latest animal welfare legislation.

Collaboration with Triple A and Health Specialists

The design and construction of the facility were not solo efforts. The town hall collaborated with Triple A and municipal health specialists to ensure the shelter was up to standard. Muñoz emphasized Marbella’s commitment to being an animal-friendly town and the need for facilities that reflect this commitment.

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