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“Near-Drowning Drama: Toddler Miraculously Rescued from Marbella Pool, Rushed to Malaga

July 9, 2024
"Near-Drowning Drama: Toddler Miraculously Rescued from Marbella Pool, Rushed to Malaga - maternooo U210256790396xrF - 112 incident -

Two-Year-Old Rescued from Marbella Swimming Pool, Now in Stable Condition

A toddler of two years old was rushed to the Hospital Materno-Infantil in Malaga following a near-drowning incident in a private swimming pool in Marbella. The incident took place on Wednesday, 26 June, at a private residence. The child’s condition is reported to be improving, as per sources from SUR.

Emergency Services Respond to Drowning Alert

The emergency service operators of 112 Andalucía received the distress call around 8.40pm. The caller reported that a child had been retrieved from a private pool in the Nueva Andalucía area, specifically in Calle Camelias. The child was reportedly unconscious and seemed to be not breathing. The 061 medical services, National Police, and Marbella Local Police were promptly dispatched to the scene.

Child Transferred to Malaga Hospital

The toddler was initially transported by ambulance to the Costa del Sol Hospital, before being moved to the Hospital Materno-Infantil de Málaga. As of Friday, the child remains in the Malaga city hospital, but his condition is reported to be improving.

Third Drowning Incident Involving a Minor in June

This incident marks the third time a minor has been hospitalized due to a water-related accident since the start of June. On 8 June, a 10-year-old boy was admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit at Materno after being rescued from a swimming pool. The incident occurred at a hotel in Manilva around 3.15pm. The boy’s condition improved following the incident.

Five-Year-Old Rescued from Benahavís Pool

Another similar incident occurred on 19 June at the municipal swimming pool in Benahavís, where a five-year-old boy was pulled from the water. The child was airlifted by 061 air ambulance to the hospital in Malaga city. During the transfer, the boy had regained his speech and was breathing independently.

Spanish Association of Paediatrics Issues Guidelines for Child Drowning

In light of these incidents, the Spanish Association of Paediatrics has issued guidelines on how to respond in the event of a child drowning. These include quickly removing the child from the water, initiating cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if the child is not breathing, and calling the 112 emergency number. The guidelines also advise against interrupting resuscitation efforts to call for help if only one person is present, and recommend keeping the child warm and avoiding abdominal compression manoeuvres unless there is a clear suspicion of airway obstruction by a foreign object.

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