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“Discover Marbella: Spain’s Hidden Gem Shines Bright, Securing Silver in Europe’s 2022 Top Tourism

December 31, 2023
"Discover Marbella: Spain's Hidden Gem Shines Bright, Securing Silver in Europe's 2022 Top Tourism - marbella cordon press scaled 1 - Lifestyle and Entertainment -

Marbella: Europe’s Second Favourite Tourist Destination for 2022

Marbella, a popular coastal resort in Spain’s Costa del Sol, has been named the second most preferred tourist destination in Europe for 2022. The ranking was given by the website “European Best Destinations”, a platform dedicated to promoting culture and tourism across Europe. Marbella was not only chosen as the top beach destination but also the second-best place to visit overall.

Marbella’s Popularity in the 2022 Poll

In the 2022 poll, Marbella secured the second position with a total of 61,041 votes. It was only slightly behind Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The award takes into consideration various factors such as the quality of life, weather, food, and leisure activities available in the destination.

What Makes Marbella a Preferred Destination?

According to the website, Marbella is a favourite among travellers seeking relaxation, shopping, refined hotels and restaurants, local handcrafts, golf, outdoor sports, and an overall elegant and refined holiday experience. The city is also attracting digital nomads, sports enthusiasts, gourmets, companies, and investors, thanks to the efforts of the City Council.

Marbella’s Commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Marbella is not just about high-quality tourism; it is also about sustainable and responsible tourism. The city is setting an example of good practice at the European level. The Mayor of Marbella, Angeles Munoz, believes that this recognition will have a positive impact on the city’s tourism sector.

Marbella’s Competition with Other European Cities

Despite competing with major cities like London, Rome, or Athens, Marbella has managed to stand out, reflecting its value as a tourist destination. Mayor Munoz expressed her delight at the city’s achievement and anticipates a positive economic impact on the tourism industry.

Marbella’s Sustainable Tourism Practices

European Best Destinations commends Marbella for its ability to offer high-quality sustainable tourism. The city is being recognized as a good example of best practices in Europe.

Further Reading on Marbella’s Tourism

For more information on Marbella’s tourism, you can read articles such as “Spain tourism: How Marbella bounced back as holiday hotspot”, “Marbellous Marbella: Discover the gem of the Costa del Sol”, and “Starry nights: Marbella is the Michelin star capital of Andalucia”.

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