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Heartbreaking Rescue Attempt: Man Bravely Fights to Save Neglected Dog in Marbella!

December 31, 2023
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Adi Jain’s Heroic Attempt to Save a Trapped Dog

In the small town of Monda, located in the Malaga province near Marbella, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded. Adi Jain, a dog-lover and resident of the town, heard the distressing cries of a dog trapped in a twisted metal fence. Without wasting a moment, Jain sprang into action, seeking help from his friend and neighbours in the midst of a downpour in December.

Rescue Efforts for the Entangled Dog

The dog had attempted to infiltrate a chicken pen but ended up entangled in the fence, with a metal spike piercing its side. Jain and about five other people who responded to his call for help tried their best to free the trapped dog. Jain revealed that he had noticed the dog, owned by a local family, had been neglected at the family’s finca, a property only visited by people on weekends.

Concerns Over the Dog’s Neglect

Jain, a 38-year-old expatriate from India, expressed his concern over the dog’s neglect. He estimated that the dog had been left without food for at least three days. The dog’s desperate attempt to get food from the chicken pen had led to its tragic entanglement.

Emergency Veterinary Care and Tragic Outcome

Jain rushed the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital. Despite surviving the first night and being fed by Jain the next day, the dog succumbed to its injuries after two days. The hospital staff informed Jain that the dog was microchipped and they had contacted the owner. However, the owner expressed no interest in keeping the dog and refused to pay for the medical bills.

Jain’s Plea for Responsible Pet Ownership

Jain was appalled by the owner’s response. He ended up paying about 400 euros in medical bills. He expressed his dismay, stating that if one cannot afford an animal, they should not own one. Jain wants to use this tragic incident to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership. He believes that pets should not be treated like toys and hopes to be a voice for this poor dog, who deserved much better.

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