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Uncover the Hidden Beauty of Australian Impressionism at Benahavis Arts Society’s Exclusive Art Lecture!

January 26, 2024
Uncover the Hidden Beauty of Australian Impressionism at Benahavis Arts Society's Exclusive Art Lecture! - Benahavis20australia U68288312402LJv - Local Events and Festivities - Benahavis Arts Society

Art Society Benahavis Kicks Off 2024 Lecture Series

The Art Society Benahavis is set to launch its 2024 lecture series on Tuesday, 30 January. The inaugural lecture will be held at Hugo Investing in Marbella, starting at 6pm.

Caroline Holmes to Deliver First Lecture

The first lecture, titled ‘Australia’s Impressionists – The Heidelberg School and the Zenith Landscape’, will be delivered by Caroline Holmes. Holmes is a renowned lecturer who has shared her knowledge and insights in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Japan.

Exploring Australia’s Artistic Landscape

Holmes, an author of twelve books and a consultant designer, is known for her ability to evoke historic, artistic, and symbolic references. Her lecture is inspired by the Australian landscape and the major art galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide. It will delve into Australia’s extraordinary climatic contrasts, drawing inspiration from Dorothea McKellar’s poem ‘My Country’.

Shining a Light on Australia’s Impressionists

The lecture will highlight the “glorious light” captured by the Heidelberg School, Australia’s own Impressionists, and the rediscovery of its indigenous art. Holmes is no stranger to the subject, having presented a BBC Radio Four series titled ‘A Sun Parched Country’ in 2008, where she extensively researched and travelled around eastern Australia.

Booking Information

Tickets for the lecture are priced at ten euros for members and 15 euros for guests. For more information, visit

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