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“Unstoppable Jellyfish Invasion Puts Spain’s Malaga on High Alert! Western Coast Beaches at Risk!”

December 31, 2023
"Unstoppable Jellyfish Invasion Puts Spain's Malaga on High Alert! Western Coast Beaches at Risk!" - jellyfish ga44b2b3d3 1920 - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Jellyfish Invasion on Malaga Beaches

Malaga’s beaches are currently experiencing a jellyfish invasion. The Costa del Sol, particularly the western coast beaches, have reported an increased presence of these marine creatures since last weekend. The most affected areas are the beaches of Manilva and Casares, according to marine conservation experts from the Aula del Mar organisation in Malaga.

High Alert for Jellyfish Presence

The Infomedusa app, a tool developed by the Aula del Mar marine conservation organisation, has issued a high alert for several beaches. These include Boliches-Las Gaviotas in Fuengirola, Casablanca, Cortijo Blanco, El Ancon, Fontanilla, Guadalmina, Linda Vista, Nagüeles, Nueva Andalucia, Puerto Banus, Rio Verde, San Pedro de Alcantara and Ventura del Mar in Marbella. These areas are particularly at risk during high tide or strong currents, when the probability of encountering jellyfish is significantly increased.

Levante Winds Bring Jellyfish to the Coast

The jellyfish have reached the coasts of Malaga due to the Levante, a warm, east to northeast wind that originates from the Alboran Channel and is directed through the Strait of Gibraltar. Lucrecia Souviron, a technician of the Infomedusa app, explains that this easterly wind has caused a swarm of jellyfish to reach and remain in the western area of Malaga.

Common Jellyfish Species and Removal Efforts

The most common jellyfish species found on the Malaga coast is the ‘Pelagia noctiluca’, a transparent, mushroom-shaped jellyfish with pinkish-yellow spots. When the jellyfish population becomes too large, authorities collaborate with the ‘Aula del Mar’ in Malaga to organise boats that remove these invertebrates from the coastal waters.

Previous Jellyfish Alerts and Warnings

This is not the first time that the Costa del Sol has been on high alert for jellyfish. There have been previous warnings about higher than normal numbers of jellyfish, particularly in Estepona and along the Costa del Sol. Experts have also warned about the potential for high numbers of jellyfish due to the Levante winds.

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