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Unbelievable! Marbella Beach Witnesses Rare Spectacle as Loggerhead Turtle Lays Almost 70 Eggs!

December 31, 2023
Unbelievable! Marbella Beach Witnesses Rare Spectacle as Loggerhead Turtle Lays Almost 70 Eggs! - guardamar turtle 1 - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Loggerhead Turtle Lays 70 Eggs on Marbella’s Bustling Beach

In an unusual occurrence, a loggerhead turtle has laid nearly 70 eggs in the peak of summer on one of Marbella’s most crowded beaches. The nesting event took place in the early hours between Friday and Saturday morning (June 30 – July 1) on the Nueva Andalucia beach, located just west of Puerto Banus.

Local Resident Discovers Turtle Eggs, Alerts Authorities

The clutch of eggs was discovered by a local resident who was taking a late-night stroll along the beach last Friday. The resident promptly alerted the emergency services. Environmental officers from the Junta arrived at the scene around 4am to manage the situation and ensure the safety of the eggs. By that time, the female loggerhead turtle who had laid the eggs had already left the site. However, all 69 eggs were found to be in good condition.

Environmental Experts Take Charge, Call for Volunteers

The environmental experts cordoned off the area, measured the temperature of the location and the sand, and decided to transfer nine eggs to Bioparc Fuengirola. Here, in an incubator and under the care of reptile reproduction experts, the development and hatching of the eggs will be monitored. The remaining eggs will stay in the original nesting place. The Junta, along with the Marbella City Council, have called for ‘turtle watch volunteers’ to monitor the remaining turtle eggs on the beach over the next two months, which is the estimated time for the eggs to hatch.

Hatchlings to be Transferred to Specialised Centre

Once hatched, the baby turtles will be transferred to a specialised centre in Algeciras. They will stay there during their first year of life, after which they will be released on the same beach in Marbella. In recent years, new nests have been found along the Spanish Mediterranean coast, with documented nests in various locations along the coast between Barcelona and Almeria, as well as in the Balearic Islands.

Second Nesting of Loggerhead Turtles on Marbella Coastline

This is the second time loggerhead turtles have nested on the Marbella coastline. In August 2020, a loggerhead turtle nested on the beach of Los Boliches, in Fuengirola. The progressive warming of the Mediterranean and most of its beaches due to climate change could be one reason for this nesting, which favours the reproductive needs of the species.

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