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“Five Unmissable Performances this Performing Arts Month in San Pedro Alcántara – A Feast for the Senses

March 22, 2024
"Five Unmissable Performances this Performing Arts Month in San Pedro Alcántara - A Feast for the Senses - mini1 1690815575 - Cultural and Historical Insights -

Diábolo Classic Metal Show by the Unforgettable Brothers Kicks Off the Fourth Edition of the Performing Arts Month

The fourth edition of the Performing Arts Month is set to arrive in San Pedro Alcántara in August, featuring five outdoor performances. The lineup, curated by the Department of Culture, includes circus acts, music, and dance. All performances will take place at 9:00 PM at various venues such as the Palm Walk, the boulevard, or the promenade. The event, running from August 2 to 18, will feature companies acclaimed by the public and recognized at the most recent festivals such as Lapso Producciones, Xampatito Pato, The Gestring Sisters, The Unforgettable Brothers, and The Syncro. The performances are scheduled for 9:00 PM at various public spaces in San Pedro Alcántara with free admission.

Diábolo Classic Metal by The Unforgettable Brothers Opens the Cultural Event

The cultural event will kick off with ‘Diábolo Classic Metal’ by The Unforgettable Brothers, awarded at FETEN 2019 as the Best Street Show. Attendees will experience a mix of music, circus, and humor… especially humor. With nods to different styles, flamenco, classic, and rock, the protagonists evolve with different ways of understanding juggling, combining a high technical level with refined musical tastes. The event is scheduled for August 2 at the Palm Walk.

Lapso Producciones Presents a Fun and Original Show

Lapso Producciones will make its presence felt with a fun, original, and even absurd show like ‘Project Voltaire’, an artistic proposal where circus, cabaret, and dadaist influences can be appreciated. The company is established as an Andalusian producer and has received awards and recognitions. The fun performance will take place on August 3, also at the Palm Walk.

Berta Garriga and Mónica Suárez Perform ‘Ohlimpiadas’

Berta Garriga and Mónica Suárez will perform ‘Ohlimpiadas’, a fusion of dance and circus awarded at FETEN 2019. It is a combination of techniques such as dance and acrobatic lifts, bathed with a good dose of humor that supports the nonsense that The Syncro build for all audiences. The performance is scheduled for August 10 at the Boulevard of San Pedro de Alcántara.

Xampatito Pato Merges Circus, Clown, and Theater in ‘Só’

Circus, clown, and theater merge in ‘Só’ by the Galician company Xampatito Pato. It is the first solo work of Jesús Velasco, who plays the only character in the play, a person who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder for order. Juggling, theater, clown, and above all fun, mix in this circus and humor proposal for all audiences on August 17 at the boulevard.

The Gestring Sisters Close the Performing Arts Month with ‘Good Girl’

The final touch of the ‘Performing Arts Month’ comes from the Gestring Sisters with ‘Good Girl’. From dance as a natural tool, they create unique videos and pieces in all types of spaces, collaborate with other artists, and experiment with all kinds of disciplines, they can’t stop creating. Their work ‘Good Girl’ will flood the Fernando Moreno Promenade on August 18. All performances will take place at 9:00 PM with free admission.

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