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Marbella Shells Out a Whopping 12,500 Euros to Use the Coveted ‘Q’ Tourist Quality

December 31, 2023
Marbella Shells Out a Whopping 12,500 Euros to Use the Coveted 'Q' Tourist Quality - mini1 1688598076 - Business and Economy -

Marbella City Council to Pay €12,500 for Use of ‘Q’ and ‘S’ Quality and Sustainability Brands

The Marbella City Council will pay €12,500 to use the ‘Q’ for quality and ‘S’ for sustainability brands. The payment will be made to the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), the body that awards these distinctions. Mayor Ángeles Muñoz has proudly showcased these awards, which the city has been purchasing for years.

Mayor Attends Flag Presentation

The mayor attended the flag presentation and stated that these awards “highlight the municipal effort to offer a high level of services to residents and tourists”. However, the reality is quite different. For these awards, the Marbella City Council will pay €12,588.60, as confirmed by documents accessed by Marbella24horas, including a contract signed on May 11 with the ICTE.

‘Q’ for Quality to be Displayed on 19 Beaches

The award decree details that the ‘Q’ for quality can be placed on up to 19 beaches in the municipality, as the usage rights have been paid for. Muñoz announced 18 beaches that will have this flag: Cabopino, El Faro, La Venus, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro de Alcántara, Casablanca, La Fontanilla, El Cable, Lindavista, Las Adelfas, La Bajadilla, Realejo, Nagüeles, Guadalmina, Río Verde, Real de Zaragoza, and La Víbora.

‘S’ for Sustainability to be Displayed on 15 Beaches

Similarly, payment has been made for the rights to display the ‘S’ for sustainability on 15 beaches: Guadalmina, Nagüeles, Realejo, La Bajadilla, Las Adelfas, Lindavista, El Cable, La Fontanilla, Casablanca, San Pedro de Alcántara, Nueva Andalucía, Puerto Banús, La Venus, El Faro, and Cabopino.

Marbella Passes External Audit

During the award presentation, it was explained that Marbella had to pass an external audit conducted by independent consultants approved by the ICTE and qualified in the management of public use of beaches and nautical-sports facilities. The mayor’s propaganda presents this as an achievement, while hiding the €12,500 contract, money that must be paid to use these distinctions.

Similar Case with “European Best Destination” Distinction

This is a case very similar to the “European Best Destination” distinction that was showcased in 2022 and for which, as reported by this digital platform, €30,000 was paid. It was in 2018 when the ‘Q’ for quality distinction was first requested, then for six beaches, by the bipartisan (PP-OSP). While flags are being showcased, there are areas of the coast that are often dirty, full of seaweed that is not cleaned, right in the center of Marbella.

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