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Unbelievable! Costa del Sol Police Halt Woman Cruising on Electric Scooter Down Busy Motorway!

December 31, 2023
Unbelievable! Costa del Sol Police Halt Woman Cruising on Electric Scooter Down Busy Motorway! - guardia civil flickr - Marbella News Crime -

Woman Caught Riding Electric Scooter on AP7 Highway

In a bizarre incident, an unidentified woman was spotted riding an electric scooter on the AP7 highway between San Pedro de Alcantara and Estepona on June 15. The footage of the incident was released by the Guardia Civil. The woman was seen using her legs to maintain speed as her scooter had apparently run out of battery on a scorching hot day.

Woman Faces Fine After Dangerous Stunt

The woman was eventually stopped by the police officers from Guardia Civil after she had travelled a staggering 12 kilometres along the highway. She is now facing a fine of €200. The police were alerted about the woman’s dangerous stunt by multiple drivers who spotted her on the roads.

Surge in Electric Scooter Usage in Spain

The use of electric scooters has seen a significant rise in recent years in Spain. According to the data released by Spain’s Ministry of Development in February, nearly 7% of Spanish households own an electric scooter. This means there are now more than half a million electric scooters in the country.

Regulations for Electric Scooter Usage

Despite the popularity of electric scooters, there are strict regulations regarding their usage. Electric scooters can only be ridden in bike lanes, on roads with speed limits of 30 km/h or lower, and through pedestrian areas under the same conditions as bicycles.

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