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Spain’s Marbella Shaken as Father-Son Duo Unleash Samurai Sword Fury on Architect!

December 31, 2023
Spain's Marbella Shaken as Father-Son Duo Unleash Samurai Sword Fury on Architect! - marbella road scaled 2 - Marbella News Crime -

Father and Son Arrested in Marbella for Assault Over Construction Noise

In a shocking incident, a father and son duo in Marbella were arrested by the Policia Nacional for assaulting a man on June 25. The reason for the attack was reportedly the noise emanating from the construction of a new house in their vicinity. The victim, an architect who was responsible for the design and planning of the new house, was accosted by the father, aged 62, wielding a katana sword, and his son, armed with a stick.

Assault Leads to Injuries and Hospitalization

The two men reportedly began shouting at the architect before launching their attack. The assault resulted in lacerations to the architect’s left hand and right elbow. The architect, whose identity has not been disclosed, managed to escape the scene and sought emergency treatment at a nearby hospital.

Police Action and Arrests

Following the report of the crime, the Policia Nacional visited the residence of the attackers for questioning. The father and son were subsequently arrested, and the police seized three katanas from their home. The injury report revealed that the victim suffered damage to the superficial and deep flexors. The accused are now awaiting their initial court hearing.

Related Incidents

This incident follows a series of arrests across Spain. Recently, one of Spain’s most-wanted men was apprehended by the police in Toledo. In another case, a man in Sevilla was arrested for concocting an opium-based cocktail. In a separate incident, a man was taken into custody for allegedly running a scam involving the US-Spain basketball team.

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