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Outrage Ignites as Marbella Bar Demands €2 Bathroom Fee from Non-Customers: Is This Even Legal

December 31, 2023
Outrage Ignites as Marbella Bar Demands €2 Bathroom Fee from Non-Customers: Is This Even Legal - wall g6673f99b5 1920 - Marbella News Crime -

Marbella Bar Sparks Controversy Over Toilet Charges

A bar in Marbella has ignited a debate after deciding to charge non-paying customers for using its toilets. The bar, which remains unnamed, is located in the old town of the coastal city. The news was first reported by Huffpost, which highlighted a sign displayed in both Spanish and English at the establishment. The sign states: Only for customers, if not, it is charged 2 per person.

Public Outcry Over Lack of Public Toilets

The decision has been met with criticism on social media, with users highlighting the scarcity of public toilets in the area. The few that are available, particularly those on the beach, are often in poor condition and unhygienic. This has led to questions about the legality of charging for toilet use in bars and restaurants.

Is Charging for Toilet Use Legal?

The legality of such a charge in Spain is complex and varies depending on the region. In Castilla-La Mancha, for instance, businesses are legally allowed to deny non-customers access to their facilities. However, most autonomous communities in Spain do not have specific laws addressing this issue, leaving the decision to the discretion of the business owners. The only requirement is that businesses must clearly display their rules in writing.

Businesses Cannot be Punished for Denying Bathroom Access

According to a 2022 report by Spain’s Centre of Consumer Studies, businesses cannot be legally penalized for refusing access to their bathrooms, even in emergency situations. The report states that owners cannot be forced to bear expenses that do not benefit them due to the lack of public toilets. It further suggests that the responsibility of providing free and clean bathrooms lies with local and city councils, for the benefit of both citizens and tourists.

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