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Unveiling Spain’s Elite: Luxury Lifestyle Without the Luxury Price Tag!

December 29, 2023
Unveiling Spain's Elite: Luxury Lifestyle Without the Luxury Price Tag! - santa maria - Lifestyle and Entertainment -

Class Divides in Spain and the UK: A Comparative Analysis

Spain and the UK share a common trait: a significant class divide. In both countries, wealth does not necessarily equate to good taste or manners. A prime example is Amancio Ortega, the owner of Zara and a retail giant. Despite his net worth of 67 Billion USD, Ortega is often seen driving a modest black Audi and dressing in a simple blue shirt and sensible shoes.

The Flamboyant Display of Wealth in Puerto Banus

Contrastingly, the streets of Puerto Banus are filled with flashy displays of wealth. Young men race around corners in brightly colored Tron Aventadors and glittering Lamborghinis. This ostentatious display is far from the traditional definition of ‘upper class’. The loud engines and flashy cars are more disruptive than impressive.

The ‘Pijo’ Lifestyle: All Show, No Substance

This flamboyant lifestyle is characteristic of the ‘pijo’. These individuals may not earn a significant income, but they spend extravagantly. They are often seen ordering numerous bottles of champagne at beach clubs, dancing with their hands in the air to avoid damaging their counterfeit watches.

Subtle Indicators of Wealth in Britain

In Britain, wealth is often displayed through a few select items and behaviors. These include owning a black Coutts card, using ‘loo’ instead of ‘toilet’, owning black labradors, following Ottolenghi recipes, using Molton Brown soap, and more. These subtle indicators differentiate the truly wealthy from those who merely pretend to be.

Signs of True Privilege in Spain

In Spain, there are also certain signs that distinguish the truly privileged from the ‘pijos’. The elite do not sunbathe during the peak hours of the day, instead, they enjoy long, luxurious lunches. They also maintain a healthy tan, despite spending most of their time in the shade. This is a privilege that comes with being able to enjoy long summers.

The Importance of ‘Cortijo’ Countryside Boltholes

Both in the UK and Spain, the truly wealthy often own countryside retreats. These are places where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of their weekday social lives. These retreats often include horses and are located in picturesque locations.

The ‘Pijhippie’: A Blend of Wealth and Bohemian Lifestyle

There is a subset of ‘pijo’ known as the ‘pijhippie’. These individuals blend wealth with a bohemian lifestyle. They can often be found in Tarifa, living in campervans or kitesurfing. They exude a similar energy to ‘gap yah’ students from West London.

The Popularity of Bimba y Lola Crossbody Bags

Bimba y Lola crossbody bags are a popular accessory among both millennials and old-money women in Spain. These bags, which range in price from €100 to €300, are a common sight in upscale restaurants and clubs.

Wintering in Baquiera Beret

The wealthy in Spain often spend their winters in Baquiera Beret, the Courchevel of Spain. This location, nestled in the Pyrenees at Lleida, offers winding slopes and a Sisley spa. The Hotel Val de Neu is a popular choice for accommodation.

The Importance of Investment Pieces

The truly wealthy in Spain and the UK often invest in timeless pieces of clothing. They prefer silk and linen for summer, and classic cashmere and denim for winter. Queen Letizia and Helena Revoredo are known for re-wearing their outfits, proving that sustainability is indeed chic.

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