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Breaking: Spanish Beach Turns into Action Movie Scene as Bomb Squad Rushes to Marbella!

December 31, 2023
Breaking: Spanish Beach Turns into Action Movie Scene as Bomb Squad Rushes to Marbella! - - Marbella News Crime -

Explosive Device from Spanish Civil War Safely Removed from Marbella Beach

In a recent development, bomb disposal experts have successfully removed an explosive device, believed to be a relic from the Spanish Civil War, from a beach in Marbella. The device was discovered on Tuesday morning, May 30, by archaeologists conducting a survey on a house situated near Marbella’s Roman baths.

Police Explosives Specialists Swiftly Respond to the Discovery

Upon the discovery of the explosive device, specialists from the TEDAX squad, a police explosives unit, were immediately alerted and promptly arrived at the scene to investigate. The device, a 40-centimetre artefact that was significantly rusted, likely due to its proximity to the sea, was safely removed from the area by the TEDAX squad without the need for detonation.

Historical Context: Bombardment of Civilian Population During La Desbandá

Historians note that it is not uncommon to find these types of bombs on the beach in the area stretching from Malaga to Almeria. This is due to the bombardment of the civilian population during La Desbandá, a tragic event during the Spanish Civil War.

Previous Discoveries of Civil War Explosives in Malaga Province

This is not the first instance of explosives from the Civil War being discovered in the province of Malaga. In February, the TEDAX squad was called in to detonate a mortar grenade from the Spanish Civil War that was found at the mouth of the Guadalmedina river in Malaga city.

Related Incidents: Deactivation of Hand Grenade and Discovery of Bombs in Alicante

In related news, a bomb squad recently deactivated a Spanish Civil War hand grenade found in the Malaga river. In another incident, sniffer dogs discovered Spanish Civil War bombs buried on an old factory site in the Alicante area.

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