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Arrested Cash Register Heist Shakes Up Marbella Store!

February 12, 2024
Officers Injured

Local Police Arrests Individual in Marbella’s Old Town

The local police in Marbella have arrested an individual in the Old Town area. The man is suspected of committing a robbery with force and showing serious resistance to authority. He allegedly stole a cash register from a fashionable establishment in the Old Town.

Arrest Leads to Scuffle, Injuring Two Officers

During the arrest, a scuffle ensued, resulting in injuries to two officers. The arrested individual, a 43-year-old resident of the town of Ubrique in Cadiz, is believed to have used a metal manhole cover to break the glass entrance of the establishment to gain access.

Incident Occurred Last Week

The incident took place last week when a unit of the municipal body, conducting foot patrol in the Old Town, heard loud noises in the area. Upon arriving at the scene, they observed a man crouched on the street, manipulating a cash register.

Suspect Attempted to Flee – Arrested Cash Register

When the man noticed the officers, he stood up and walked towards them, hiding his hands behind his back. When the police asked him to show his hands, they saw a wad of crumpled bills and invoices. When asked to identify himself, the man ignored the request and attempted to flee, leading the officers to intercept him.

Officers Injured During Arrest

The suspect resisted arrest, and it was only after a few minutes of struggle, during which all three fell to the ground, that the officers were able to subdue him. As a result, one officer suffered a knee injury, and his partner sustained injuries to his hip and hand. Arrested Cash Register

Surveillance Footage Confirms Suspect’s Actions

After consulting the local police’s control room surveillance system, it was confirmed through camera footage that the individual had entered one of the Old Town streets with the cash register in his hands, placed it on the ground, and manipulated it.

Broken Glass Entrance Discovered

One of the officers went to a nearby street where he discovered a broken glass entrance to a fashion establishment. Inside, he found a metal manhole cover, which the man is believed to have used to break the door. The cash register was missing from the establishment.

Arrested Cash Register – Over 200 Euros Seized from Suspect 

The municipal officers seized more than 200 euros and several card purchase receipts from the establishment from the arrested individual. The case has been transferred to the National Police.

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