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Sensational High-Speed Chase Ends in Disaster: Driver’s Drug Fueled Escape Leaves Four Officers Injured in Calah

January 19, 2024
Drug-running driver crashes in Calahonda after high-speed police chase that left four officers injured

50-Year-Old Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase and Crash

A man, aged 50, has been taken into custody following a high-speed police pursuit that concluded with his vehicle colliding with the crash barrier at the A-7 motorway entrance in Calahonda, injuring four police officers.

High-Speed Chase Initiated in Marbella

The incident began in the early hours of Sunday, 14th January, when two vehicles exceeding speeds of 200 kilometres per hour sped past a National Police patrol car in Marbella. The police officers gave chase and managed to stop one of the vehicles, which was occupied by a single Spanish man.

Suspect Flees Scene, Injuring Officers

While one officer was checking the suspect’s background, his partner was about to inspect the car’s boot. However, the driver allegedly restarted the car and fled the scene, causing the officers to leap out of the way to avoid being hit. The officers sustained minor injuries but quickly resumed the chase and alerted other police units.

Reckless Driving and Crash in Calahonda

The suspect continued his reckless driving into Marbella and was reportedly rammed by another police car before taking the Calahonda exit. The chase ended approximately 20 minutes later near the Calahonda motorway entrance when the suspect lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the barrier.

Suspect Apprehended, Drugs Found in Vehicle

The man allegedly attempted to flee on foot after the crash but was apprehended by several officers. Upon inspecting the vehicle, police discovered 48 kilos of hashish in the boot. The suspect was arrested for assaulting law enforcement officers and public health offences.

Call for More Patrol Cars and Better Officer Distribution

In light of the incident, the ASP (Alternativa Sindical Policial) trade union has emphasised the need for more patrol cars on the streets due to the area’s crime rate and called for a better distribution of police officers in Marbella.

ASP Demands Greater Protection for Officers

The ASP also called for increased legal and corporate protection for officers on duty and reiterated its long-standing request to the Ministry of the Interior to address the rising number of assaults on police officers. The union stressed the importance of ensuring that those who attack authorities serve their prison sentences as per the Penal Code, noting that there were over 13,000 attacks on state forces and corps officers in Spain in 2023.

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