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Nine Days of Rainfall Unleashes Over 115 Liters in Marbella, Providing Much-Needed Relief

April 8, 2024
Nine Days of Rainfall Unleashes Over 115 Liters in Marbella, Providing Much-Needed Relief - mini1 1712012310 - Weather -

Umbrellas in a Marbella Procession Amid Rainfall

In Marbella, umbrellas were seen in a procession due to the appearance of rain. The city has experienced nine consecutive days of rain, a circumstance that hasn’t occurred in fifteen months, leaving more than 115 liters per square meter.

Relief for the Concepción Reservoir

The rainfall has eased the situation at the Concepción reservoir, which, despite the lack of runoff, has already exceeded 50% of its capacity. However, restrictions are still in place.

Excellent Easter Week Weather

Easter week has been excellent from a meteorological point of view as it brought much-needed rain to the province of Málaga, also considering the future of tourism which may have been slightly deterred. The situation has improved, but the drought is far from over, and for now, restrictions remain in place until a new assessment by the Board.

Nine Consecutive Days of Rain in Marbella

In Marbella, it rained for nine consecutive days, from Sunday, March 24 to Monday, April 1, when the sun began to appear after a few light showers. This is the longest period of consecutive rainfall since December 2022, when it rained for ten days without stopping. The importance of the fallen water is significant as it comes during a period of extreme drought on the Costa del Sol.

Important Rainfall Measurements

According to data from the Hidrosur Network, taken at the treatment plant station, 117.6 liters per square meter were measured. The rainiest day was Saturday, March 30, with 33 liters. If we take another source like the meteorological blog of Jerónimo Amores, 118.6 liters fell, a practically similar amount. At the Concepción reservoir, also with Hidrosur figures, 143.1 liters per square meter were collected.

Relief for the Reservoir Serving the Western Costa del Sol

These are significant amounts, the result of a succession of storms, the last one named Nelson, which brought the most rain. This has eased the situation of the reservoir that serves the Western Costa del Sol. The reserves in the Concepción are continuously rising and at the time of writing this information, they are at 56.76%. This means that there are 32.66 cubic hectometers stored, which is 12 more than just a week ago, but still 14 less than a year ago.

Runoff Will Continue to Bring Water to the Reservoir

The runoff will continue to bring water to the reservoir, so these data are expected to increase. Despite this relief, the Board has called for calm and, for now, restrictions remain in place pending review.

Call for Prudence from the Western Costa del Sol Water Company

From the water company of the Western Costa del Sol Commonwealth, Acosol, prudence has been requested. “The situation is better than before, but it does not avoid the measures proposed so far such as the regulation of night pressure to minimums to preserve our water reserves,” they point out.

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