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Marbella: Europe’s Leading Destination for 2024

April 22, 2024
Marbella: Europe's Leading Destination for 2024 - header - Tourism -

Marbella: Europe’s Leading Destination for 2024

Marbella has recently been recognized as the top European destination to visit in 2024. This esteemed honor was bestowed by Maximilien Lejeune, CEO of European Best Destination (EBD), to Marbella’s Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz. The event underscored Marbella’s dedication to quality and excellence in tourism, highlighting its significant promotional impact and a global audience reach of 420 million travelers. Mayor Muñoz stressed the significance of this recognition for Marbella’s brand and its high-quality tourism concept.

Community and Collaboration: The Key to Marbella’s Success

During her address, Mayor Muñoz expressed her gratitude, especially to the private sector for their participation. She urged local businesses to showcase this collective achievement through their storefronts and advertisements. This award, she noted, is particularly meaningful as it is supported by the European Union and mirrors the shared views of travelers, tourism professionals, and the media.

Marbella: A Global Sensation

The 2024 edition of the EBD award witnessed record-breaking participation with votes from 172 countries, positioning Marbella at the apex of this international competition. Nearly 200,000 people voted for Marbella, surpassing renowned cities like Lisbon, Budapest, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, and Milan. This achievement marks a milestone as Marbella becomes the first Spanish city to top this prestigious list.

Marbella’s Global Appeal

The award has amplified Marbella’s visibility on international platforms, including travel sites and esteemed publications like Forbes USA, Condé Nast, and Paris Match. These media outlets have been instrumental in promoting Marbella’s excellence to a global audience. Mayor Muñoz commented, “We could not have a better showcase.”

Marbella: A Year of Historic Achievements

2023 was a significant year for Marbella, recording historic figures and breaking the pattern of seasonal tourism. The city has attracted affluent visitors who have fallen in love with its offerings. The mayor noted that this award adds to the “excellent indicators” seen over the past year, further solidifying Marbella’s status as a year-round luxury travel destination.

Marbella: A Destination of Records

Maximilien Lejeune emphasized that the EBD award represents the voice of millions of travelers. He proudly stated that Marbella holds the record for the most votes ever received by a city in this competition. This distinction underscores Marbella’s appeal as the prime choice for those seeking the finest in gastronomy, wellness, sports, sun, beaches, and entertainment.

Marbella’s Comprehensive Tourist Offer

Marbella offers a wide range of attractions that cater to diverse tastes. From its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife to its rich cultural heritage and luxurious resorts, Marbella presents a complete package for any traveler. The city’s commitment to maintaining high standards in all aspects of tourism ensures that visitors not only enjoy their stay but also experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community.

The Future of Tourism in Marbella

Looking ahead, Marbella is set to build on this success and continue enhancing its tourism infrastructure. The city plans to invest in sustainable tourism practices and further develop its luxury tourism sector. These initiatives aim to attract even more visitors and establish Marbella as a leading global destination.


Marbella’s recognition as the best European destination for 2024 is a testament to the city’s outstanding quality and the collective efforts of its citizens and stakeholders in the tourism industry. This award not only celebrates the city’s current achievements but also sets the stage for future growth and success in the tourism sector. Marbella continues to shine as a beacon of excellence and hospitality, inviting everyone to experience its unique charm and allure. With its vibrant community and rich offerings, Marbella is truly a destination that feels like home to all who visit. We, from, would like to extend our congratulations to the city and everyone involved in making this award a reality. Our love for this city is unwavering, and we have complete confidence that it will see continued success in the future. Cheers to Marbella!

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