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Marbella FC Stumbles on La Unión’s Turf, Suffers Another Defeat (1-0) –

March 28, 2024
Marbella FC Stumbles on La Unión's Turf, Suffers Another Defeat (1-0) - - mini1 1711285787 - Sports and Recreation -

Marbella FC Suffers Second Consecutive Away Defeat

Marbella FC suffered their second consecutive away defeat this Sunday against mid-to-low table teams. The team struggled on the field of La Unión, unable to react after the home team’s goal, and has now gone two months without an away victory. Despite this, they remain in third position.

Marbella FC Faced Many Absences

Marbella FC appeared on the Murcian field with many absences and only 17 players in the squad, one of them being youth player Dani González. Marco Tulio, Soto, Harper, Hugo Rodríguez, and Óscar González were not available, marking five significant absences. The team had conceded three goals in their previous outing to the field of Antoniano and thus faced the challenge of improving that performance.

Repetition of Defeat

However, history repeated itself in the form of defeat, the second consecutive away from home, where the team has not won for two months, since their victory on the field of Manchego. Marbella FC had a poor match, unable to react after La Unión’s goal at the start of the second half, and failed to create any opportunities to seek at least a draw.

Match Marked by Strong Wind

The match, marked by strong wind, was very close, with very few actions in the areas, typical of a goalless draw that was broken by an individual action. Salido led a counterattack from the central circle at the start of the second half and resolved it with a shot from outside the area next to the post to make it 1-0.

Marbella FC Struggled to Turn the Game Around

There was time ahead, but Marbella never gave the impression of being able to turn the score around. In the first half, the whites had some dangerous approaches, almost always in set-piece actions. At 8 minutes, Olguín shot high from a corner and at minute 10, after a good combination, Aitor Puñal reached the end line, but in the end, his incursion was blocked.

Very Few Opportunities for Both Teams

In general, there were very few opportunities, one could say none, for both teams. At minute 36, Dago shot high from another corner. The break arrived with the feeling of a very even match, pointing to a goalless draw or that it would tilt for whoever scored first. And the latter is what happened when at minute 47 Salido put the 1-0 in a good individual action with a shot adjusted from the front of the area.

Marbella FC Tried with Some Lateral Centers

Marbella FC tried with some lateral centers that never found a finisher until the coach, Fran Beltrán, decided to move the bench. He brought in youth striker Dani González to form a double point with Dago, but the situation did not improve in attack, nor with the rest of the substitutions.

La Unión Could Have Ended the Match

La Unión could have ended the match with a shot from Héctor in the 83rd minute, to which Lejárraga responded with a good save. Despite the short score, Marbella never gave the impression of being able to even draw and the match was consumed without shocks in the local goal.

Seven Minutes Added by the Referee

The referee added seven minutes, which also did not serve to have, at least, an occasion to regret. The match was played at the Municipal de La Unión (Murcia).

Match Details

La Unión Atlético: De la Calzada, Quindimil, Monty, Javi Grillo, Aguilar (Mario Sánchez, min. 80), David Franco (Luis Castillo, min. 80), Jorge García, Héctor, Alvarito, Sergio León (Tato, min. 58) and Salido (Ferrer, min. 88).

Marbella FC: Lejárraga, Jorge Álvarez (Ale Hernández, min. 91), Carrasco (Carlos León, min. 92), Fran Moreno (Julio Delgado, min. 69), Ale Benítez, Rafa de Vicente (Gato, min. 76), Olguín, Aitor Puñal, Juanma Acevedo (Dani González, min. 69), Ohemeng and Dago.

Referee: Guijarro Colomer (Castellón). He cautioned the locals Monty, Sergio León and Tato, and the visitors Jorge Álvarez, Carrasco and Dago.

Goal: 1-0, min. 47: Salido.

Field: Municipal de La Unión (Murcia).

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