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Marbella FC Misses Golden Opportunity to Secure Playoff Spot!

April 22, 2024
Marbella FC Misses Golden Opportunity to Secure Playoff Spot! - mini1 1713725018 - Sports and Recreation -

Marbella FC Misses Opportunity to Secure Playoff Spot

Marcos Olguín heads the ball against an opponent. (Photo: Marbella FC) Marbella FC squandered their first “match-ball” opportunity to secure their presence in the promotion phase this Sunday. The Marbella team had benefited from the results of their rivals and a victory in Yecla would have guaranteed them the playoff and the fight for the second place. In the second half, Yeclano took the lead and Harper missed a penalty.

Good Results for Marbella FC Despite Missed Opportunities

The day had left very good results for Marbella FC with the draws of Betis Deportivo and Estepona on Sunday morning. The third place was not in danger and Fran Beltrán’s team had their first “match-ball” of the season to secure the playoff. However, the mission was not easy, as the Marbella team was obliged to score three points on their visit to a Yeclano Deportivo that is not satisfied with the playoff and wants to aspire to direct promotion, owned by Sevilla Atlético with one point left.

Changes in the Team and Strong Opposition

Fran Beltrán introduced a couple of forced changes in the team due to the absences of Puñal and Marco Tulio. Julio Delgado and Fran Moreno were the two new faces of the eleven that kept the rest of the players who last weekend defeated Sevilla Atlético. Yeclano confirmed today why it is one of the revelations of the championship. At home, they showed themselves as a tremendously solid team ready to erase the last two defeats suffered.

Marbella FC’s Struggle and Yeclano’s Victory

Despite the goal received, Marbella was able to recover and only three minutes later had a penalty on Julio Delgado to equalize the match. Harper shot from eleven meters and Zarco guessed the shot to maintain the local victory. The penalty failure did sink the visiting team that would not approach dangerously the area of a Yeclano that knew how to defend the score to take these three points.

Upcoming Matches and Current Standings

Marbella will try to secure their place in the playoff next round on their visit to Vélez CF, where they will need to win to not depend on anyone. Yeclano secured the second place in the standings today and, at least mathematically, has options to be champion and move up directly, although Sevilla Atlético only needs one more point. Marbella FC suffers its fourth consecutive defeat away from home in the decisive phase of the league in which it is maintaining thanks to its reliability at home, where it has five consecutive victories.

Match Details

Match details: Yeclano Deportivo: Zarco, Gabri, Iniesta (Juanje, min. 68), Algisi, Olmedo, Iván Pérez (Serpeta, min. 68), Ayala (José, min. 90), Satoca, Pedrosa, Salinas (Andrés Rodríguez, min. 79) and Silvente (Naranjo, min. 46). Marbella FC: Lejárraga, Jorge Álvarez, Carrasco, Fran Moreno, Julio Delgado (Soto, min. 79), Gato, Marcos Olguín (Acevedo, min. 79), Rafa de Vicente (Ale Hernández, min. 62), Hugo Rodríguez, Ohemeng and Dago (Harper, min. 62). Referee: Carrero Romera. He admonished the locals Andrés Rodríguez and Pedrosa, and the visitors Dago, Marcos Olguín, Rafa de Vicente and Carrasco. Goal: 1-0, min. 72: Juanje. Field: La Constitución.

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