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Unveiling Marbella’s Newest Luxury Villas: Where Opulence Meets Sustainability in the City’s Most Elite Neighborhood

March 27, 2024
Unveiling Marbella's Newest Luxury Villas: Where Opulence Meets Sustainability in the City's Most Elite Neighborhood - vista lago by bright 7 - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Marbella’s Vista Lago Residences: A New Era of Sustainable Luxury Living

Work is nearing completion on a series of stunning villas that prioritize sustainability amidst the increasing environmental challenges in Andalucia. The Vista Lago Residences, a project by BRIGHT, are located in the exclusive Real de la Quinta area of Marbella. These residences are not just about luxury, but also about a strong commitment to preserving the environment.

World’s Best Residential Development Set to Open in 2025

The Vista Lago Residences, which are set to open their first villas in 2025, have already made a mark in the global real estate industry. They were awarded the Best Residential Development in the World at the International Property Awards in 2022. This recognition has led to a surge in demand, with 60% of the villas already reserved.

Advanced Techniques for Water Conservation

The villas are designed with advanced water recycling techniques. They recycle greywater and rainwater, significantly reducing the consumption of freshwater. The development also features an irrigation system equipped with soil moisture sensors, ensuring that the gardens are watered only as much as necessary.

Energy-Efficient Design and Construction

Each villa is equipped with a photovoltaic installation, which provides a significant portion of the home’s energy needs. This is supplemented by an aerothermal heat recovery system for efficient heating and cooling. The architects have aimed to achieve an A-A energy rating for each villa, incorporating increased insulation and reduced thermal bridging to minimize energy loss.

Maximizing Natural Light and Protecting Local Wildlife

The design of the Vista Lago villas maximizes the use of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. All lighting fixtures are energy-efficient LEDs. The outdoor and communal lighting is carefully planned to avoid disturbing the local wildlife.

High-Class Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature

Located in an idyllic setting with stunning views, the Vista Lago Residences offer a lifestyle that is both luxurious and in harmony with nature. This makes Vista Lago the epitome of sustainable luxury living on the Costa del Sol.

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