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Revolutionary San Pedro Alcántara Traffic Project Launched Exciting Third Phase!

According to the deputy mayor, the plan will involve the addition of 23,000 square metres of roads, over 8,000 square metres of green spaces, the provision of 333 parking spaces, and the potential construction of 350 homes.
February 2, 2024
San Pedro Alcántara Traffic
San Pedro Alcántara Traffic

Third Phase of Traffic Redirection and Road Widening Begins in San Pedro Alcántara

The third phase of the project to redirect traffic and widen the access route on Avenida Oriental in San Pedro Alcántara commenced on Monday, 29th January. The project aims to create two lanes in each direction and a roundabout on the access road leading to the town centre.

Four-Month Project to Improve Infrastructure and Accessibility

Deputy mayor Javier García has stated that the project is expected to span four months, during which traffic diversions will be implemented. The second phase of the project is nearing completion, and the third phase will involve the demolition and excavation of the road and pavements. This will be followed by the installation of new infrastructures, including supply, water, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, and irrigation networks.

Enhancements to Pavements and Urban Spaces

García also shared plans to widen the pavements, particularly the southern pavement which currently does not meet accessibility regulations. This will necessitate the demolition of the park wall on Avenida Oriental, which will be transformed into an open urban space.

Major Project to Boost Road Space, Green Areas, and Housing

The deputy mayor further added that the ambitious project will add 23,000 square metres of roads, over 8,000 square metres of green areas, 333 parking spaces, and will pave the way for the construction of 350 homes. He emphasized that the entrance to San Pedro will be significantly improved with two lanes in each direction separated by a central barrier and an access roundabout.

San Pedro Alcántara Traffic
San Pedro Alcántara Traffic

San Pedro Alcántara Traffic Diversions and Pedestrian Routes

García explained that the traffic diversions will direct traffic towards the boulevard, southbound, and along Camino de la Caseta and Calle Virgen del Pilar and Juan Illescas Pavón and Avenida Oriental, northbound. These diversions are temporary and will be maintained throughout the project. Depending on the progress of the new roundabout, they may be continued or modified to facilitate traffic. Additionally, pedestrian routes have been planned to ensure access to schools in the area. San Pedro Alcántara Traffic

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