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For the First Time Ever, Marbella’s Population Skyrockets Beyond 150,000! Discover the Charm of Spain

December 31, 2023
For the First Time Ever, Marbella's Population Skyrockets Beyond 150,000! Discover the Charm of Spain - marbella road scaled 1 - Real Estate and Urban Development -

Marbella’s Population Surpasses 150,000 for the First Time

Marbella, the glitzy tourist hotspot on the Costa del Sol, has crossed the population threshold of 150,000 for the first time. The latest figures reveal this milestone, with data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) showing that as of December 31, 2022, Marbella’s official population stands at 150,725.

City’s Success and Opportunities Attract New Residents

The surge in population is largely attributed to the success and opportunities offered by the city, as stated by municipal spokesperson, Felix Romero. Over the past nine years, Marbella has seen a significant growth of approximately 20,000 residents. Back in 2014, the city was home to around 130,000 inhabitants.

Increased Population Leads to More State Funds

By surpassing the 150,000 population mark, Marbella is now eligible for an increase in the funds it receives from the State and the Junta. This additional funding is expected to help the city cater to its growing population.

Additional Funds Needed to Cater to ‘Floating Population’

However, Romero insists that more funds are required to meet the demands of the ‘floating population’. This term refers to the influx of people during peak holiday months, which can significantly increase the city’s population. These temporary residents, however, are not included in the official city census.

Recent Events in Marbella

In other news, a huge fire recently broke out in a fishing port in Marbella, resulting in the destruction of around 80 pleasure boats worth millions of euros. In a separate incident, a headless and handless corpse washed up next to a restaurant in Marbella, sparking a mysterious case that is currently under investigation.

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