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Urgent Hunt for Suspects Released After Marbella Shooting – Their Freedom Could Be Short-Lived!

May 4, 2024

Two Detainees in Puerto Banús Shooting Case Escape from Custody

History repeats itself as the two individuals arrested for a daylight shooting at a restaurant in Puerto Banús, who were provisionally imprisoned and later released by the Provincial Court of Málaga, have escaped. This case mirrors that of the Mocro Maffia leader who also fled after being arrested and subsequently released.

PSOE Spokesperson Criticizes PP Policies and Calls for Protection of Public School

Isabel Pérez, the PSOE spokesperson in the Marbella City Council, has criticized the PP’s policies for “destroying everything public” and has demanded that both the president of the Junta, Moreno Bonilla, and the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, refrain from dismantling the CEIP Mario Vargas Llosa. The school is set to lose a line in the first year of preschool.

Marbella City Council and Architects’ Association Adapt to New Urban Legislation

The Marbella City Council and the College of Architects of Málaga have signed an addendum this Friday to adapt the 2019 agreement to the new urban legislation of Andalusia (LISTA). The aim of the agreement is to expedite the processing of licenses for single-family homes, multi-family homes, and hotel establishments.

Andalusian Government Report Awaited for Beach Stabilization Works

A report from the Andalusian Government, which the Coast Demarcation has been waiting for eight months, is the final step needed for the central government to tender the stabilization works of the beaches of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. The long journey of the breakwaters seems to be reaching its final stage after more than a decade of claims.

Government Representatives Highlight Investment Efforts and Accuse Junta of Delays

National deputy Isabel Pérez and the Government sub-delegate in Málaga, Javier Salas, highlighted in a press conference on Thursday the “investment effort” of the Spanish Government with Marbella and San Pedro. Conversely, they accused the Junta of “deliberately delaying” the breakwater project for the municipality’s coast.

Government Sub-delegate Calls for Speed in Urbanization of New Police Station Site

The Government sub-delegate in Málaga, Javier Salas, has called for “speed” from the Marbella City Council in urbanizing the land where the new police station is to be built. He stated that the Ministry of the Interior has a budget of 10 million euros for this purpose. He also thanked the work of the agents in the municipality.

International Drug Trafficking Network Dismantled in Marbella

The National Police, in a joint operation with the German BKA and ZKA and the French National Police, have dismantled an international criminal network of drug traffickers based in Marbella. The network used armed escorts for protection and transported drugs to Germany by road, hidden in “hides” of both vehicles and trucks.

New Firefighters Sworn in at Marbella City Council

The Plenary Hall of the Marbella City Council hosted the swearing-in of 16 new firefighters on Thursday, after completing their training period at the academy and passing the opposition. According to the data provided, the staff currently has 88 members and is set to expand with a new call.

Movistar Plus+ Premieres New Series “Marbella”

The streaming content platform Movistar Plus+ premiered its new series, “Marbella,” on Thursday, May 2. The city is portrayed as “the UN of organized crime.” The first two episodes of the six-part series, based on an investigative report conducted in 2021, are now available.

Government Team Spokesperson Dodges Controversy Over Excessive Overtime Pay

Félix Romero, spokesperson for the Marbella City Council’s government team, has sidestepped the controversy over excessive overtime pay to municipal workers. He has not confirmed whether the Anti-Fraud Office’s requested file has been opened and has justified this expense as the most economical option.

Socialist Municipal Group Calls for Transfer of A-7 Highway Sections

Javier Porcuna, councilor of the Socialist Municipal Group, announced on Tuesday in a press conference that the PSOE will request in the next plenary session that the sections of the A-7 highway that run through the municipal term be transferred to the Marbella City Council. This is seen as a solution to take measures and end the “traffic collapse.”

Marbella City Council Allocates Over 4 Million Euros to Public Interest Initiatives

The Marbella City Council will allocate more than 4 million euros this year to support organizations, projects, and activities of public interest through the Strategic Subsidies Plan. According to the government team, most of the money is allocated to social spending. There are more than 80 lines of action, most of them in agreements.

New Health Center in Marbella West Still Not Operational

The new health center on Ricardo Soriano Avenue, to be named Marbella West, is still not operational after two years of construction (the deadline was 12 months) and five years of promises by the mayor, Ängeles Muñoz. The center should already be ready, but there is no date for its opening.

Local TV Shows Discuss Public Education and Health

Every Monday, the local municipal TV shows 7TV and M95TV host the talk show “A Fondo,” featuring bold information and opinions about what’s happening in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. The state of public education and health will be a major focus of the debate, along with other topics such as the Palace of Justice and the new Police Station.

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