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Uprising to Rescue Beach Volleyball at Marbella’s Cable Beach: A Riveting Tale of Sports Passion!

May 13, 2024
Uprising to Rescue Beach Volleyball at Marbella's Cable Beach: A Riveting Tale of Sports Passion! - mini1 1715553184 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella Beach Volleyball Tournament Faces Relocation

The Marbella City Council is planning to remove the designated volleyball area on Cable Beach and relocate it to the new facilities at El Pinillo. This move has been denounced by the majority of users, primarily players from Costa del Voley and their families, who have even started a petition to prevent the change.

Beach Volleyball Enthusiasts Express Outrage

Beach volleyball enthusiasts in Marbella are experiencing challenging times and are particularly outraged by the City Council’s intention to eliminate the sport’s area on Cable Beach. According to sources, the governing team of the People’s Party intends to take sand from Cable Beach and distribute it to other city beaches.

Relocation to El Pinillo Sparks Controversy

This would mean that beach volleyball practitioners would have to move further east, to the El Pinillo area, where the so-called Mediterranean Park is being created. A beach sports facility for football, volleyball, and handball is set to be launched there. However, this solution does not satisfy players and families, most of whom are from Costa del Voley, the club that uses the Cable Beach facilities the most each summer.

Concerns Over New Location

They argue that El Pinillo is further from the sea and does not have space for families to accompany the young volleyball players. The mobilization has been significant, and a petition has been launched on “”, which exceeded 700 supports in the first two days.

Save Cable Beach Campaign

The petition, titled “Save the beach volleyball beach in Marbella, the people’s beach”, points out that Cable Beach is a unique enclave that makes the courts the ideal place to hold provincial and Andalusian volleyball championships. It is a place where hundreds of families from all over Andalusia come every year with their coolers, chairs, and umbrellas to spend an unforgettable day enjoying sports, the beach, and family.

Threat to Local Traditions

Moreover, this beach is one of the widest in Marbella, considered “the people’s beach”, where birthdays, family moments, and traditional San Juan celebrations are held, which will also disappear. The solution of moving to El Pinillo is not appealing to them. They describe it as a new sports area where families have no place, a sports area where children would have to be alone.

Online Petition to Save the Beach

The petition concludes with a call to action: “Let’s stop this. We cannot allow our beach to be stolen. Help us or beach volleyball in Marbella will disappear, and the people’s beach with it.” The controversy is therefore served, and many outraged families are willing to try to get the City Council to change its stance, which seems complicated.

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