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Unveiling the Fifth Edition of Bahía Marbella Institute’s Magazine – A Must-Read!

March 22, 2024
Unveiling the Fifth Edition of Bahía Marbella Institute's Magazine - A Must-Read! - mini1 1707313345 - Local Events and Festivities -

Launch of the Fifth Edition of Bahía Today

The IES Bahía Marbella has released the fifth issue of its school magazine, Bahía Today. The magazine is entirely conceived, developed, and designed by the students of the institute.

Objective of the Edition

This edition aims to address issues that directly or indirectly affect the students, such as equality, the use of mobile phones in class, and recycling. Bahía Today is published in a digital multimedia format and includes reports, interviews, and chronicles, in written format, as well as in podcast and video format.

Reflection of the Institute’s Activity

The director of the institute, Jorge Figueroba, states that the magazine aims to reflect the incessant activity carried out at Bahía, always told from the perspective and vision of the students. The challenge of this new issue was to firmly establish the publication and make it more relevant to current events and concerns, without ever losing the unmistakable spirit of amateur creation.

Students’ Participation

The general director of Culture of the Marbella City Council, Carmen Díaz, who is in charge of this fifth issue of the magazine, points out that in addition to educating in classrooms and trying to sow and transmit knowledge, there are many other things that are done in an institute. She added that students can also learn to live with all that knowledge. This magazine is a perfect formula for students to see that all that theory can be transformed into reality.

Project Coordinator’s Statement

The project coordinator, Gema Palacios, indicates that Bahía Today is already part of the DNA of the institute. Students come to ask how to participate, they want to talk about one topic or another. It is a magazine that they make for themselves with topics that attract their attention or concern them.

Students’ Experience

Inés Gallardo, a first-year ESO student, says that she loved the experience because it is very fun to be here with your friends and be able to write about topics that you choose, that you want to explain to others, why you think that is important and in a fun way. Javier Alarcón and Pablo Sánchez, veterans of Bahía Today, detail their reasons for joining because they liked the project, they saw what the first magazine was like and they found it creative, they found the idea interesting and they got to work.

Collaboration and Content

The magazine has been entirely developed by about twenty students of the institute with the collaboration of teachers, mentored by the professional consultancy Díaz Olivera Comunicación. The initiative is part of the Profundiza program promoted by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía. This new issue of Bahía Today highlights current issues such as the dilemma of the use of mobile phones in class or the importance of recycling, literary recommendations, micro-stories about gender violence, travel chronicles, lots of music, games that are developed in the playground, an imaginary interview with Gloria Fuertes, what Christmas is like in Ukraine and even pastimes.

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