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Unveiling of Marbella’s Virgin of Sorrow Brotherhood Shines Bright: A Must-See Spectacle!

March 24, 2024
Marbella's Virgin
Marbella's Virgin

Historic Procession of La Virgen de la Amargura in Marbella

The Virgin of Bitterness, known as La Virgen de la Amargura, made her way up Ancha Street towards Leganitos. For the first time, she paraded as a brotherhood during the Holy Week in Marbella. The “children of Leganitos” saw their dream come true after more than 20 years of parading as a youth group and parish association. They spent over four hours on the streets, accompanied by excellent music.

First New Brotherhood in Over 40 Years

This historic event, which will be remembered, marked the start of Marbella’s Holy Week 2024 with the presence of a new brotherhood, the first in over 40 years. The last brotherhood was created in 1981, the Calvario, until the canonical erection of the brotherhood of the Virgin of Bitterness on September 19th. The brotherhood had already paraded on November 19th of the previous year, and this year marked its first appearance in Holy Week.

Brilliant Parade Led by the “Queen of Leganitos”

The “Queen of Leganitos” led a brilliant parade, accompanied by a large procession, which traveled through the historic center of Marbella for four hours and fifteen minutes. Notably, there was a significant presence of women carrying the throne, a breath of fresh air for Holy Week on the path to gender equality. Over a hundred young carriers and nazarenos carried the Virgin, accompanied by spectacular music.

Music and Procession Route

The musical part was led by the Santa Barbara Cornet and Drum Band from La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz). The procession was closed by the Music Band of the Archconfraternity of Hope from Malaga. The procession began at the Holy Door of the Church of the Incarnation, in the Jubilee Year granted by the Pope. The parade started at 6:30 pm and the throne returned to its temple at 10:45 pm, after more than four hours.

Throne and Procession Route

The throne used this year was lent by the Brotherhood of Hope and Refuge of the Elderly from Malaga. The procession continued along Carmen Street towards Los Naranjos Square, passing by the City Hall building. Then, it went along Estación Street to Victoria Square, arriving at Huerta Chica in the north direction and turning onto Peral Street.

Emotional End to a Historic Night

The procession ended with many tears of emotion during the enclosure in the Church Square, marking the end of a historic night.

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