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UGT Warns: The Newest School in Marbella is Being Emptied by the Board – Find Out Why!

May 1, 2024
UGT Warns: The Newest School in Marbella is Being Emptied by the Board - Find Out Why! - mini1 1714156007 - Local Events and Festivities -

Vargas Llosa School in Marbella Faces Progressive Deactivation

The Vargas Llosa School in Marbella, the most recent one built, is facing a “progressive emptying” according to a statement released by the UGT union. The union claims that the regional government is planning to halve the current number of places, which stands at 450. This will be accompanied by the elimination of half of the current staff of 26 teachers.

Reduction in Classrooms and Teaching Positions

The union describes the situation as a “progressive deactivation” that will be achieved by the beginning of the next decade when the removal of one of the two classrooms for each grade will have affected the upper grades. As a result, only 9 of the current 18 classrooms will remain with students. At the same time, they point out that 9 tutor positions and 4 language, physical education, and specialist teacher positions will disappear.

UGT Public Services Malaga Warns of Consequences

UGT Public Services Malaga is alerting the entire educational community, parents, and teachers, about the consequences of this “policy of cuts”. They argue that maintaining the “same student-to-class ratio, if not more, from half a century ago” will lead to a regression in public education. They believe that it will not be possible to face “the new challenges that the society of the future will demand, which involve constant improvement in the knowledge and practice of languages, exact sciences, and new technologies”.

Challenges in Addressing Diversity and Improving Quality of Life

Furthermore, they emphasize the need to “face the challenge of improving attention to diversity, to increase personal insertion, equal opportunities, and the general quality of life”. According to Daniel Lozano, the UGT’s education representative in the province of Malaga, “in the labor field we are witnessing a plan to reduce staff and increase teachers’ tasks to a point where the educational process ends up mutilated by the lack of human and material resources”.

Future Job Opportunities at Risk

Lozano also pointed out that “our current students will have fewer job opportunities if the disinvestment and progressive reduction of teachers continue”. UGT Public Services Malaga announces that it will continue its tasks of denunciation, mobilization, and negotiation to “reverse these measures of social and labor cuts imposed by the current regional government of Andalusia”.

Parent Association Denounces Cuts

Last Wednesday, the parent association of this school denounced the elimination of the second line in the 3-year-old infant education.

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