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UD San Pedro Gears Up for a Thrilling Weekend Celebration of their 50th Anniversary!

May 17, 2024
UD San Pedro Gears Up for a Thrilling Weekend Celebration of their 50th Anniversary! - mini1 1715768020 - Local Events and Festivities -

UD San Pedro Celebrates 50th Anniversary This Weekend

UD San Pedro is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. The club, one of the few in the province that has neither disappeared nor been re-founded, has organized a full program of events to commemorate the various stages of its history. The celebrations will begin on Saturday afternoon and conclude on Sunday.

Marking Half a Century Since Foundation

This 2024, UD San Pedro is marking the 50th anniversary of its foundation. This is undoubtedly a significant milestone in the history of one of the few clubs in the province of Malaga that has never disappeared or had to be re-founded. Although the club was unable to achieve a category promotion this year, they are determined to try again next season. The club remains committed to ensuring the team reaches the category it deserves.

Weekend of Celebrations Planned

The red and black club has chosen the upcoming weekend of May 18 and 19 to carry out the 50th-anniversary celebrations. An intense program of events and activities has been planned to commemorate the five decades of the San Pedro entity, a club that has seen many notable figures pass through its ranks over the years.

Club President Reflects on Club’s History

The president of the red and black entity, Juan Manuel Blanco “Mané”, reminded everyone this morning that they are the “oldest club in the province”. He emphasized the importance of “knowing the past to relaunch into the future”.

Historic Match Video Projection

On Saturday, May 18 at 4:30 pm, a video summarizing the historic match that led to UD San Pedro’s only promotion to the Second Division B will be projected. This achievement will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next season.

Round Table Discussion and Awards Ceremony

Following the video projection, there will be a presentation reviewing the club’s history, leading into a round table discussion about UD San Pedro’s half-century history, featuring players from all eras. The Saturday program will conclude with the UD San Pedro Social awards, recognizing players and club collaborators. The awards ceremony will begin around 7:30 pm.

Weekend Celebrations Conclude with Friendly Match

The weekend of celebrations will conclude on Sunday at 12:00 pm at the Municipal Antonio Naranjo with a friendly match between the veterans of UD San Pedro and those of Balompédica Linense. All these events will take place at the Trapiche de Guadaiza.

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