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Two Arrested over Shocking March Shooting at Marbella Eatery: Unraveling the Mystery!

April 8, 2024
Two Arrested over Shocking March Shooting at Marbella Eatery: Unraveling the Mystery! - mini1 1712066268 - Local Events and Festivities -

Two Men Arrested in Connection with Marbella Shooting

Two men have been arrested by the National Police as the alleged perpetrators of a shooting that took place mid-morning at a restaurant in Marbella on March 11. The shooting resulted in no personal injuries. The shots were fired at the glass windows of a restaurant on Juan Belmonte Street in Puerto Banús.

Details of the Incident

Police investigations revealed that the suspects used a motorcycle and one of them, after getting off the vehicle, fired at least 15 shots at the restaurant’s window, without hitting anyone. The two suspects, as reported by the National Police today, are linked to organized crime. The judicial authority has ordered their imprisonment.

Charges and Evidence Found

They have been arrested for their alleged involvement in crimes of damage, serious threats, illegal possession of weapons, forgery of documents and violation of the Foreigners Law. In addition, four house searches were carried out in Marbella and Estepona, resulting in the seizure of 31,190 euros in cash, a large machete, and a revolver.

Recount of the Incident

The incident took place on March 11, around 12:00 pm, when two individuals, on a motorcycle, headed towards a restaurant located on Juan Belmonte Street in Puerto Banús. There, the passenger of the said vehicle, after getting off and walking several meters, fired at least 15 shots at the local window, without causing damage to any person.

Investigation and Arrest

After several patrols were commissioned to the location of the incident, the officers assigned to the Organized Crime group of the Local Police Station in Marbella carried out the first steps towards the full identification of the shooters. As a result of the investigations carried out, the investigators obtained evidence that allowed them to identify the vehicle used in the incident, which had a double license plate. They also established the route taken by the suspects, finding out the address where they were hiding. Finally, on March 25, although it has not been reported until today, they were arrested with the collaboration of other police units such as UPR of the Marbella Police Station, and GOES and Aerial Means assigned to the Provincial Police Station of Malaga. The judicial authority ordered the imprisonment of both.

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