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Marbella’s Mayor Embarks on Ambitious China Journey to Woo Luxury Tourists & Investors Ahead of Grand 2025

March 30, 2024
Marbella mayor heads to China to seek out more high-spending tourists and investors ahead of major conference in 2025

Marbella Mayor Travels to China to Promote Tourism and Investment

Marbella’s Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has embarked on a trip to China with the aim of showcasing the new brand image of Marbella and attracting tourists and investors to the region. This comes ahead of the fifteenth Congress of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), which Marbella, a town on the Costa del Sol, is set to host in May 2025.

World Tourism Cities Federation: An International Platform

The WTCF, based in Beijing, operates on a global scale and boasts 245 members from 86 countries, including 164 cities and 81 institutional and corporate members. The upcoming event is expected to gather leading premium tour operators and bolster Marbella’s international standing, according to Mayor Muñoz.

Targeting High-Spending Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists, known for their high purchasing power and propensity to spend heavily at holiday destinations, are a key target for tourist hotspots. The rapid growth of China also means that promotional activities are increasingly centered on the country.

Marbella: A Unique European Destination for the Chinese Market

Mayor Muñoz believes that Marbella, with its excellent offerings, is perfectly positioned to become the go-to European destination for the Chinese market. She expressed her commitment to continue promoting the unique attractions of Marbella.

Partnership with China’s Largest Tour Operator

During her visit, the mayor met with premium travel agencies and media at an event organized by CTRIP, China’s largest tour operator. The town hall has begun a partnership with CTRIP to launch promotional campaigns in the region.

Marbella Recognized as Best European Destination

Mayor Muñoz highlighted Marbella’s recent recognition as the Best European Destination to visit in 2024. This prestigious award is given based on the shared opinions of travelers, tourism professionals, and the media.

Marbella: A Benchmark in Europe and Beyond

Marbella is not only a benchmark in Europe but also a booming destination in the American market with strong ties to the Middle East. The mayor expressed her ambition for Marbella to become a top tourist and investment destination for the Asian market, particularly China.

Further Meetings to Boost Marbella’s Tourism

Mayor Muñoz held meetings with key figures in Guangzhou, including the chief councillor of the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, the Consul General of Spain in Guangzhou, and the councillor for tourism of Turespaña in Guangzhou. These meetings are part of Marbella’s ongoing efforts to position itself as the premier destination for Chinese tourists and investors.

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