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Discover Why Marbella is Stealing the Spotlight at the Arabian Travel Market and Becoming Everyone’s Dream Destination!

May 14, 2024
Marbella takes centre stage at Arabian Travel Market and is positioned as a favourite destination

Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona: Top Spanish Destinations for Middle Eastern Tourists

Marbella, Madrid, and Barcelona are the top Spanish holiday destinations for Middle Eastern tourists, according to the Arabian Travel Market recently held in Dubai. The event saw the participation of tour operators, travel agencies, media, and other professionals from the tourism sector, with Marbella garnering special interest.

Marbella: A Rising Star in European Tourism

The tourism fair resulted in several agreements to promote Marbella, with the expected increase in high-spending tourists set to boost the town’s economy. The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted the town’s distinction as the best European destination to visit in 2024, reflecting their commitment to quality and excellence. She also noted the increasing number of Middle Eastern tourists visiting Marbella, largely due to the direct connections with Malaga Airport.

Marbella’s Outreach to the Middle East and Beyond

A delegation from Marbella attended the fair in the UAE capital, conducting over 80 meetings with agents. The fair primarily covers the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area, which includes six Arab countries. Given the geographical proximity to southeast Asia, India, China, and Singapore, Marbella’s town hall has also extended its promotion to these countries.

Marbella’s Luxury Hotels Attract Middle Eastern Tourists

Representatives from Marbella’s main hotels, including Marbella Club, Don Pepe, Don Carlos, Boho Club, El Fuerte, and Anfitrión, also attended the fair. Middle Eastern tourists, known for their preference for luxury, have made Marbella one of their favourite European destinations. However, they typically prefer to travel in the summer.

Breaking the Seasonality: Marbella’s New Challenge

Laura de Arce, the director of Marbella Tourism, stated that one of their challenges is to encourage Middle Eastern tourists to visit in the winter as well. Despite the “last minute” profile of these tourists, the hotels managed to secure bookings for the summer season at the fair. De Arce also mentioned a significant meeting with an agency that organizes holidays for public sector employees in the UAE, expressing the intention to collaborate with them to attract a high volume of visitors to Marbella.

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