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Third Phase of Construction on San Pedro’s Oriental Avenue Kicks Off: Unveiling the Transformation!

March 22, 2024
Third Phase of Construction on San Pedro's Oriental Avenue Kicks Off: Unveiling the Transformation! - mini1 1706570810 - Local Events and Festivities -

Third Phase of San Pedro Alcántara’s Oriental Avenue Remodeling Project Begins

The construction zone on Oriental Avenue in San Pedro Alcántara is set to enter its third phase of remodeling on Tuesday, January 30th. The Deputy Mayor’s Office has announced that this phase of the project is expected to last four months, during which alternative traffic routes will be established.

Significant Urbanization Project Underway

Javier García, the Deputy Mayor of San Pedro Alcántara, emphasized the scale of the project, which will involve the urbanization of nearly 60,000 square meters of land. This will include 23,000 square meters of roads, over 8,000 square meters of green areas, and 333 parking spaces, and will allow for the construction of 350 homes.

Improved Traffic Flow and Accessibility

García also noted that the entrance to San Pedro will be significantly improved with two lanes in each direction separated by a central median and a roundabout to diversify traffic. The previous phase is nearly complete, and the new phase will begin at 10:30 am on Tuesday to avoid disrupting the start of the school day at Teresa de León school and Guadaiza institute.

Demolition and Excavation to Make Way for New Infrastructure

The project involves the demolition and excavation of the roadway and sidewalks, followed by the installation of new infrastructure, including supply networks, water, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications, and irrigation. The sidewalks, particularly on the south side, will be expanded to comply with accessibility regulations, requiring the demolition of the wall of the Oriental Avenue park, which will be transformed into an open urban space.

Temporary Traffic Diversions and Pedestrian Routes

The construction will necessitate the closure of the downhill section to Trapiche, with proposed detours towards the boulevard in the south direction, and via Camino de la Caseta, Virgen del Pilar street, Juan Illescas Pavón street, and Oriental Avenue in the north direction. Efforts will be made to direct exits towards the A-7 and continue towards Nueva Andalucía via the Ronda road to minimize disruption to the schools. Pedestrian routes to the local schools have also been designed.

Provisional Routes and Future Traffic Management

These routes are provisional, and it is expected that they will remain in place for the duration of the construction. Depending on the progress of the new roundabout in a later phase, they may be maintained or modified to facilitate traffic flow.

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