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Suspects in Marbella Shooting Emerge, Previously Believed to be on the Run!

May 8, 2024
Suspects in Marbella Shooting Emerge, Previously Believed to be on the Run! - mini1 1715087043 - Local Events and Festivities -

Shooting Suspects Appear Before Court in Puerto Banús

The location of a shooting incident at a restaurant in Puerto Banús has seen the two alleged perpetrators voluntarily appear before the judicial authority. Initially believed to have fled after being released, the suspects have now complied with their legal obligations, leading to the cancellation of the arrest warrant issued last week.

Delay in Court Appearance, Not Fugitives

Contrary to initial beliefs, the individuals under investigation for one of the recent shootings in Marbella had not fled. They had merely delayed their court appearance as required. This delay was sufficient for an arrest warrant to be issued against them, which has now been nullified.

Accused Report to Court a Day After Warrant Issued

The High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) reported that the accused presented themselves a day after the order to locate them was issued. They remain on provisional release but are now required to appear twice a week at the Court of Instruction number 1 in Marbella and are prohibited from approaching the attacked establishment.

Details of the Shooting Incident

The shooting at a restaurant in Puerto Banús occurred mid-morning on March 11. On March 25, police arrested the two alleged perpetrators and, after being brought before the court, their provisional imprisonment was decreed on March 27. Following appeals by their lawyers, on April 23, the Third Chamber of the Provincial Court of Malaga ordered their release with precautionary measures.

Failure to Surrender Passports

As explained, the accused were supposed to appear at the court to surrender their passports, which they failed to do, claiming that the police had their documents, which was true. However, an arrest warrant was issued from the court, which was revoked when they voluntarily appeared before the court.

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