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San Pedro’s PSOE Demands Andalusian Flag to Adorn the Boulevard: A Bold Move for Regional Pride!

March 22, 2024
San Pedro's PSOE Demands Andalusian Flag to Adorn the Boulevard: A Bold Move for Regional Pride! - mini1 1709314851 - Local Events and Festivities -

Proposal to Install Andalusian Flag in San Pedro Alcántara

The General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in San Pedro Alcántara announced on Friday that he will present a proposal at the next District Board meeting. The proposal aims to install the flag of Andalusia on the San Pedro boulevard, alongside the existing Spanish flag.

Preserving Andalusian Identity

The PSOE in San Pedro Alcántara stated that they believe in building a future without forgetting the memory of their identity. They emphasized that in a town like theirs, the Andalusian sentiment is as deeply rooted as the Spanish sentiment. The proposal originates from the “Andalusian feeling” of the San Pedro citizens who believe that the Andalusian flag should fly next to the Spanish flag on the boulevard.

Community Support for the Proposal

Enrique Ruiz, the General Secretary of the San Pedro socialists, mentioned that numerous residents have expressed their support for this proposal. He also stated that he will request the Andalusian flag to be of the same dimensions as the Spanish flag. He concluded by saying that the Andalusian flag highlights the values of their people and gives meaning to their way of life.

Next Steps for the Proposal

The proposal will be presented at the next District Board meeting, as announced. The Spanish flag, on a 25-meter high mast, is located at the Pedro Gil roundabout, on the western part of the boulevard.

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