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San Pedro’s Guadaiza Institute Still Lacks Janitor and Administrative Staff: What’s Happening?

May 13, 2024
San Pedro's Guadaiza Institute Still Lacks Janitor and Administrative Staff: What's Happening? - mini1 1715556143 - Local Events and Festivities -

Entrance Gate to Guadaiza Institute in San Pedro Alcántara Remains Unattended

The Guadaiza Institute in San Pedro Alcántara continues to operate without a janitor and an administrative staff. Exactly a year ago, on May 15, 2023, a protest was held which, to this day, has not yielded any results and the situation remains the same. The Andalusian Board has been unable to resolve this issue for almost two academic years now.

Problems in Primary and Secondary Education

The issues in primary and secondary education are not limited to the Guadaiza Institute. Schools like Mario Vargas Llosa and Rafael Fernández Mayoralas are demanding a second line for 3-year-old children. The degradation of public education continues unabated from the Andalusian Board, the competent administration, with the complicity of the Marbella City Council, which remains silent on the matter.

Guadaiza Institute’s Staff Shortage Continues

The Guadaiza Institute in San Pedro Alcántara has been dealing with a staff shortage for almost two academic years without any solutions being offered. Despite a protest held a year ago after ten months of this situation, nothing has changed. Two small signs on the school gate still highlight the situation: “no janitor” and “no administrative staff”.

Parents Asked for Patience

The school recently reminded parents that their complaints to the Board have fallen on deaf ears and the requested substitutes have not arrived. In light of this, they are asking parents for “patience” when picking up their children, making calls to the institute, or wanting to carry out a procedure in the secretary’s office.

Importance of Punctuality and Limited Secretary Hours

Due to the absence of a janitor, they remind that it is important for students to be punctual, as the doorbell is attended by teachers who are teaching. Due to the lack of administrative staff, the secretary’s office is only open for a specific couple of hours a day and the “greatest agility” is obtained through email.

Absolute Frustration at Guadaiza Institute

The feeling of frustration is absolute at this institute, where students and parents protested on May 15, 2023. “10 months without a janitor and 7 months without administrative staff,” read the banner then. A year has passed and everything remains the same.

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